Anno 1800 Announces Season 4’s First DLC with “Seeds of Change”

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Ubisoft announced what is coming to the Anno 1800 Season 4 season pass and that it is open for pre-order now. Composed of 3 DLCs, “Seeds of Change”, “Empire of the Skies” and “New World Rising”, the Season 4 Pass will invite players to discover alternative means of agricultural production, pioneer aviation, and lead a new tier of the New World’s population. In addition, a new scenario will challenge players with each DLC, bringing in new missions and game mechanics. Additionally, three exclusive ornaments will be available from April 12th, 2022 as a part of the Season 4 Pass.

Developed by Ubisoft Mainz, Anno 1800 has allowed players to evolve and gain new skills as a ruler. Players can create their cities –big or small–, plan efficient logistics networks, settle new continents, send out global expeditions, and dominate their opponents with diplomacy, trade, warfare, and tourism.

If you’re like us, then you’ve been anxiously awaiting to see what will happen next with Anno 1800Finally, the wait is over with Season 4 beginning with the first DLC “Seeds of Change.” Finally, players can upgrade the New World beyond the current Jornaleros to Obreros cycle. In Anno 1800 Season 4 Anno fans will be able to build powerful New World haciendas and own their own country estate to produce agricultural goods. Maximizing productivity, establishing island policies, and strengthening the inhabitants’ independence by farming goods that previously needed to be imported is at the core of the DLC experience. With the “Seasons of Silver” scenario, players will be challenged to establish a complex silver production chain from the ground up, while dealing with changing seasons.

The Season 4 Pass will also introduce players to new ways to use airships with “Empire of the Skies”, scheduled for Summer 2022. From the transportation of mail, goods, and workers to aerial attles, the skies will expand the players’ possibilities. Finally, coming in Late 2022, “New World Rising” will add a brand-new population tier and more islands to the New World. Additional information for each DLC will be released in the weeks leading up to their launch.

As of today there are two Anno 1800 Year 4 Editions available: Complete Edition Year 4 which Features main game, Deluxe pack, and all 4 Season Passes and the Gold Edition Year 4 which features main game, Deluxe pack, and Season 4 Pass. These two editions are now available and replacing the old editions. In addition to the three DLCs, Anno 1800 will also receive free Game Updates to accompany each DLC release, which will focus on improving the game even more.

But that’s not all! To usher in Anno 1800 Season 4, the release of “Seeds of Change” will also give new players the opportunity to test Anno 1800 (full base game) free of charge from April 12th to April 19th, as part of a Free Week. Anno is available on the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games store for Windows PC. Season 4 Pass will be available for 24.99 euros/dollars, saving 10 euros/dollars on the total price of individual DLCs. When bought alone, the “Seeds of Change” DLC costs 7.99 euros/dollars.

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