REVIEW: ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ Episode 8 — “It’s Just Obon. Plus More.”

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Komi Can't Communicate Episode 8 - But Why Tho

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 8 is a Netflix Original anime series,  directed by Ayumu Watanabe and animated by Studio OLM. The slice-of-life comedy anime series is an adaptation of Tomohito Oda’s hit manga series. The main  cast for Komi Can’t Communicate features of  Aoi Koga (Love is War) as Shouko Komi,  Gakuto Kajiwara (Fire Force) as Hitohito Tadano, and Rie Murakawa (Re: Zero) as Najimi Osana.

The series centered on Shouko Komi, an extremely popular girl, and Hitohito Tadano, an  very average boy. Their paths cross upon entering the first year at their prestigious prep school. Tadano quickly discovers that Komi suffers from social anxiety which makes it hard for her to communicate with others. Tadano quickly realizes that behind  Komi’s seemingly intense, beautiful and icy demeanor that she is renowned for, she just wants to communicate and make genuine friendships. Unfortunately, her social anxiety makes that difficult for her, but with Tadano’s help her dream of making friends could actually come true.

In Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 8, It’s Just Obon. Plus More much like the previous episode is set during summer break. Komi spends the Obon holiday with her family to visit her grandma’s house. However, she can’t help but feel a little awkward around her extended family.

The animation of this episode is on par with the previous ones and did not disappoint. As usual, the animation for this episode of Komi Can’t Communicate did not disappoint. The animators do an amazing job with the background scenes, particularly when it comes to the summer festival setting. In this episode they did an excellent job capturing the excitement and mood of being at a festival through the lighting and details in the background.

On this episode of Komi Can’t Communicate we get to Komi and her friends experience one of my favorite tropes in anime. The summer festival trope! As a long time anime fan I have seen just about every trope that exists. Occasionally after seeing these tropes done over and over again in different anime can get a bit stale. Thankfully that is not the case with Komi Can’t Communicate. On the contrary this series is able to put its own refreshing spin on the trope as Komi and her friends go throughout the festival.  Additionally the summer festival trope positions Komi and Tadano to spend one on one time together. Which hints at some foreshadowing there could be something more to their relationship than just being friends.

One of my favorite things about this series is that at its core it is an anime about friendship. However, this episode confirms that both Tadano and Komi have some romantic feelings towards one another. I love how the romantic feelings for both Komi and Tadano have developed very organically and not rushed at all.

Since they started off as friends it only  feels right that as time goes on new feelings may come forth. It feels very natural how Komi and Tadano’s feelings towards on another are blossoming. And instead of just jumping into a relationship, I like that both of them are exploring and examine their feelings for the other at their own pace. Even if that means neither of them knows how to other feels just yet. Regardless, I am excited to see the budding romance between them will play into their relationship dynamic as the series goes on.

Lastly, what would an episode of Komi Can’t Communicate be without some heartfelt emotional moments.  One moment in particular that I really enjoyed in this episode was Komi chatting and spending time with her grandmother. I enjoy episodes like this one that offer a  deeper look into Komi’s family life because we get to see how  she communicates and interacts with people outside of friends and school. For example, in this episode we see Komi spending some time with her grandmother. Similar toKomi’s father, her grandmother is a person of very few words but it is clear she and Komi have a special bond that doesn’t require the exchange of many words.

Overall Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 8 is another great addition to tis delightful slice of life comedy. From the beautiful animation to the heartfelt emotional moments I can’t recommend this series enough.  The series manages to take the iconic summer festival trope in a continues to deliver a great series every week. Episode 8 also introduces the element of romance into the series which makes me very eager to see how this will come into play in the episodes to come.

Komi Can’t Communicate streams exclusively on Netflix weekly.

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