So Here’s What Happened – August Episode #30

Reading Time: 3 minutes On the August Episode of So Here’s What Happened! LaNeysha and Carolyn  discuss and review everything they watched and read during the month.

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘All The Moons’ Goes for the Heart, Rather Than the Jugular

Reading Time: 3 minutes All The Moons manages to take all that’s known about vampires on film and add a deeper level of sophistication at Fantasia Fest 2021.

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘Kratt’ Is a Diabolic Great Time

Reading Time: 3 minutes Based on an Estonian mythological creature, Kratt blends adventure, gore, coming-of-age, morality, and comedy in one tight, highly entertaining package.

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘Not Quite Dead Yet’ Is a Hilarious and Sweet Father-Daughter Story

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shinji Hamasaki’s Not Quite Dead Yet is an endearing and funny tale about communication and love that also happens to feature rock, ghosts, and espionage.

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘Circo Animato 2021’ Is A Celebration of Animation’s Potential

Reading Time: 3 minutes Circo Animato 2021 shows the creativity and range of genres that the medium of animation can tap into, courtesy of 13 animated shorts.

Fantasia Fest 2021: Carolyn Talks ‘Indemnity’ with Writer and Director Travis Taute and Actor Jarrid Geduld

Reading Time: 2 minutes Indemnity is a fast-paced South African action thriller that smartly uses its action sequences to show its protagonist’s vulnerability.

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘Mad God’ Is a Jaw-Dropping Stop-Motion Nightmare

Reading Time: 3 minutes Phil Tippett’s magnum opus, Mad God, is a beautifully deranged artistic achievement brought to life with mind-bending stop-motion animation.

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘The Sadness’ Is Sick

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Sadness slowly builds to madness in its opening, but when it gets there, it stays and drives deeper into darkness and violence.

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