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Massively Affected aims to answer the question, “Why Mass Effect?”. On each episode, Josh Silverman (former host of Constantly Calibrating, and co-founder of Bear Punch Media) brings on a guest and asks them the not-so-simple question seen above. Every guest’s answer is different, and every story leads to new discoveries. Tune in weekly for a Mass Effect retrospective experience!

Host: Josh Silverman
Producer: Matt Storm

S2:E1 – Bastion of Storytelling ft. Lucy James Massively Affected

Welcome to Massively Affected, where I, Josh Silverman, bring on a guest and ask them the not-so-simple question: Why Mass Effect? This week I'm joined by Lucy James, who you may know as a Senior Produce for GameSpot and Creative Producer for Giant Bomb. This is also the premiere of Season Two of Massively Affected, and I'm overjoyed to be back after a year away! On this week's premiere episode, Lucy and I discussed her experiences getting behind-the-scenes access to the Mass Effect franchise since the completion of the trilogy, what it was like experiencing "rare" occurrences in the game on her first playthrough, the differences between a bloated open world and a focused one, and so much more. If you enjoyed my conversation with Lucy James, make sure to give her a follow on Twitter, and if this is your first episode, make sure to check out the full backlog of episodes found on But Why Tho. For those looking to contribute to helping me grow this show and helping it to expand into future seasons, I would appreciate you visiting the Crowdfundr campaign.
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