Into the Spider-Cast

Into the Spider-Cast sees hosts CJ and Swara cover all aspects of Spider-Man and all the various characters of the Spider-Verse. We also discuss various other aspects of pop culture we’re into, diving deep with guests and friends on the Spider-Verse and fandom.

Hosts: Swara Ahmed & Collier “CJ” Jennings

Episode 54: The Last Spider-Cast Into The Spider-Cast

In this farewell episode, CJ and Swara close the final chapter of Into The Spider-Cast. While a bittersweet ending, we had a blast doing the podcast and reminisce about our favorite moments and experiences doing the pod. Thank you all for taking this journey with us, and stay tuned for what's next for us!    Follow Into the Spider-Cast on Twitter @IntoSpiderCast and Instagram @intothespidercast.   Follow the hosts on Twitter @CJWritesThings and @spiderswarz.  
  1. Episode 54: The Last Spider-Cast
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  3. ANNOUNCEMENT: We're Taking a Summer Break
  4. Episode 52: Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel Team Up (AANHPI Month Special)
  5. Episode 51: Happy Birthday, Spidey!


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