Champion Casters

Champion Casters: A Podcast about Heroes and Craft! analyzes the motifs and themes behind your favorite film and television heroes and everything we say is in comic sans. Each week Michael Ruiz and Joe Tomlin use their writing and filmmaking knowledge to discuss famous champions across film and television. Michael and Joe met in freshman year of high school and have been inseparable friends ever since. They stuck around each other even when they moved away to college.

Hosts: Michael Ruiz & Joe Tomlin

Season 2 Hot Ones Challenge! — A study of one Michael Ruiz Champion Casters: A podcast about heroes and craft

The Hot Ones Challenge is upon us! Since Michael lost our trivia sessions for Season 2, Joe got to interview him with questions that the listeners submitted. At the same time, they both had to eat increasing hot spicy wings. Well these wings were more like vegan nuggets, and the spice was inconsistent, but that's neither here nor there. Michael finally got to talk about things he loves like Final Fantasy, and sexy Riverdale actors! Thank you all for listening this season and submitting questions. Special shoutout and thank you to But Why Tho for giving us a space this season. We'll all be back in the late Fall for Season 3 of Champion Casters!  — Send in a voice message:
  1. Season 2 Hot Ones Challenge! — A study of one Michael Ruiz
  2. The Spectacular Spider-Man (tv series): 100th Episode!
  3. Thor Odinson from Thor: Love and Thunder
  4. Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel (Disney+ show) (feat., Swara Salih)
  5. Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke


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