Six Reasons to Get a Shudder Subscription for the Spooky Season

Reading Time: 5 minutes With so many streaming services, picking up a new one an take some convincing, but for genre fans, a Shudder subscription is definitely worth it.

REVIEW: ‘Culture Shock’ is Real Horror, the Kind We Experience Daily

Reading Time: 5 minutes Culture Shock is a social horror film about the American Dream that tackles issues of identity, immigration, and racism.

REVIEW: ‘The Intruder’ Makes Home Invasion Horror Personal

Reading Time: 4 minutes In ‘The Intruder’, home invasion gets personal and sometimes people selling their homes do not give them up when the keys change hands.

REVIEW: ‘Searching’

Reading Time: 2 minutes When David Kim’s daughter goes missing, he breaks into her laptop to find her. Told through computer windows Searching is a fresh story for reboot times.

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