Bayek’s Journey in Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Reading Time: 4 minutes The main protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Origins makes this game and its story exciting to play through check out thoughts on Bayek’s Journey

Killmonger Invokes All The Diaspora-Homeland Feelings

Reading Time: 4 minutes We have had the experience of going to the homeland, either after time away or visiting for the first time because we were born diaspora.

M’Baku, Leader of the Jabari: Changing the Men of Marvel

Reading Time: 4 minutes Strength doesn’t only come in one body-type, contrary to what our screens and pages would have us believe, and M’Baku shows us that.

Kanan Jarrus Deserved Better

Reading Time: 2 minutes The return of Star Wars Rebels with the episodes “Jedi Knight” and “Dume” gave us some incredible episodes for Kanan Jarrus.

Men in the MCU: Bare Chests and Character Development

Reading Time: 5 minutes The MCU uses the audience’s thirst for its men without fail and that’s a good thing, something heroes have long showcased.

Robert Rodriguez and Mexican Representation in Film

Reading Time: 7 minutes For Robert Rodriguez, representation and the creation of new talent was the goal, and empowering other Latinx creators is still the goal.

How Podcasting Helps With My Mental Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes The thing that has surprised me the most, however, is how much of a positive impact podcasting has had on my mental health.

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