30 – The Antidote to Doomscrolling and The Witcher 3 with Games Journalist Isaiah Colbert

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kotaku staff writer Isaiah Colbert joins Pixel Therapy to talk about new ways of writing about games and his big love for The Witcher 3.

28 – How Kena: Bridge of Spirits was Shaped by Balinese Gamelan with Dancer and Artist Ayu Larassanti

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ayu Larassanti, Gamelan Çudamani member and the voice-over artist for Kena in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Talk the music of the upcoming game.

27 – DIYing Game Dev with Game Designer in Residence and Author Anna Anthropy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anna Anthropy, DePaul Game Designer in Residence and prolific author, talks game design and Rise of the Video Game Zinesters.

26 – Envisioning Our Best Selves in Mass Effect with Professional Trekkie Swapna Krishna

Reading Time: 2 minutes Swapna Krishna, writer and editor of Stone Sword Table: Old Legends, New Voices, joins to chat Star Trek, Mass Effect, and unapologetic enthusiasm.

25 – Adapting to Change and Shifting Perspectives with Beekeeper Ang Roell

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ang Roell of They Keep Bees guests on Pixel Therapy this week to talk about the fascinating lives of bees and what they have to teach us.

24 – Games as Explorations of Desire with Writer and Adult Developer Ana Valens

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ana Valens guests on Pixel Therapy this week to talk about the many ways sexuality and games intersect! Plus: Where the Heart Leads

23 – Navigating Hope and Despair in Danganronpa with Indie Developer Courtland Messam

Reading Time: 2 minutes Courtland Messam chat about the gaming industry, the importance of making games by and for queer folks, and his abiding love for Danganronpa. 

22 – How QTBIPOC Theatremakers Built a Solarpunk Mystery Game! with Gregory Keng Strasser and Sara Eskandari

Reading Time: 2 minutes Director, writer, and arts leader Gregory Keng Strasser along with AR/VR developer and artist Sara Eskandari discuss 4615 Theatre Co’s debut visual novel.

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