REVIEW: ‘Honor Society’ Scores Top Marks In The Teen Comedy Genre

Reading Time: 3 minutes Honor Society is a witty, well-constructed entry in the teen comedy genre and Paramount+’s first big win in the streaming movie space.

REVIEW: Don’t Blame Me For Liking ‘Don’t Blame Karma!’

Reading Time: 3 minutes In Don’t Blame Karma, when Sara’s sister Lucy comes to visit, she couldn’t have imagined she’d come engaged to her one-time best friend and crush.

REVIEW: ‘LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation’ is Another Great Plastic Galactic Adventure

Reading Time: 3 minutes LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation is another fantastic plastic adventure where Finn takes the crew on vacation but nobody knows how to relax.

REVIEW: ‘They/Them’ Isn’t the Slasher You’re Expecting and That’s Okay!

Reading Time: 4 minutes In They/Them a group of teens arrives at a gay conversion therapy camp run by a character played by Kevin Bacon.

REVIEW: ‘Milestone Generations’ Chronicles An Important Part of Comic Book History

Reading Time: 3 minutes Milestone Generations is a must-watch for comic book fans and creators alike, as it tackles an important piece of comic book history.

REVIEW: ‘Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie’ Is Chock-Full of Heart

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rise of the TMNT: The Movie gives the heroes in a half shell a cinematic adventure that’s full of heart, action, and turtle power.

FANTASIA FEST 2022: ‘Next Sohee’ is Suffocating and Masterful

Reading Time: 3 minutes Next Sohee showcases what happens when life and joy are wrung from a young worker by a job that exists only to exploit its workers.

REVIEW: ‘Prey’ Breathes New Life into Predator Franchise

Reading Time: 4 minutes Prey breathes new life into the Predator franchise as it takes audiences back 300 years to a very different hunt than seen before.

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