REVIEW: ‘Vampirella/Reanimator,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Vampirella/Reanimator #1’ is a crossover that finds Doctor Herbert West, the mad scientist known as the Reanimator, looking to perfect his reagent serum

REVIEW: Red Sonja: Holiday Special

Reading Time: 2 minutes The ‘Red Sonja: Holiday Special’ is a collection of festive one-shots featuring Red Sonja’s a wild Christmas themed adventure in New York

Review: ‘Barbarella,’ Holiday Special – Murder on the Christmas Planet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Barbarella Holiday Special entitled ‘Murder on the Christmas Planet shows what happens when Barbarella has a stint as a detective on planet Christmas.

REVIEW: ‘Merry Men’ Trade Paperback

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Merry Men’ follows Robert Godwinson, the former lover of King Richard, and his band of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest during the 13th century.

REVIEW: ‘Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hack/Slash vs Chaos! from publisher Dynamite Comics, focuses on the main protagonists, Vlad, Cassie Hack, and Evil Ernie who are Hunters

REVIEW: ‘Die,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Die’ #1 follows a group of forty-something adults who must return to the world of their D&D campaign that they barely survived as teenage role-players

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Self/Made,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Self/Made #1’ follows warrior Amala Citlali in the kingdom of Arcadia as she embarks on a quest and learning unsettling truths along the way

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘The Freeze,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘The Freeze #1’ starts off with a bang following a secret mission while introducing readers to the main protagonist, Ray Adams.

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