The Best Predator Comics To Read After ‘Prey’

Reading Time: 5 minutes In honor of Prey’s debut on Hulu, here is a list of Predator-themed comics that features the alien hunter battling all manner of foes.

Summer Anime 2022 Round-Up

Reading Time: 7 minutes Summer Anime 2022 Round-Up is in full swing and we have early impressions of six of the new series premiering on Crunchyroll.

OUTFEST LA 2022: End of Show Highlights

Reading Time: 5 minutes These seven films were among the Outfest LA highlights from the final leg of the festival not already mentioned elsewhere in our coverage.

TapTap Presents 2022 Mobile Showcase Round-Up

Reading Time: 4 minutes TapTap Presents 2022 games offered up a mobile game for every gamer out there and we’re rounding them up for you to add to your list.

3 Reasons to Watch Prey

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hulu Original Prey is the newest entry in the Predator franchise, and we have 3 reasons for you to watch Prey when it hits Hulu August 5th.

OUTFEST LA 2022: Episodic Features We Need More of ASAP

Reading Time: 4 minutes These five Outfest LA episodic features deliver stories of unconventional love and relationships that we absolutely must see more of ASAP.

OUTFEST LA 2022: Queer Documentaries of Love, Culture, and History

Reading Time: 5 minutes These five Outfest LA documentaries chronicle queer love, culture, and history with some of the most interesting and well-told films.

3 Reasons to Watch ‘The Rehearsal’

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Rehearsal is the newest show from Nathan Fielder, where he helps people solve their problems by helping them rehearse the scenario.

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