REVIEW: The Up-Switch Orion Has Changed My Switch Gaming

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Up-Switch Orion lets gamers up-size their Nintendo Switch gaming, both for the standard Switch and Switch OLED.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Vertagear’s PL6000

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Vertagear Racing Series P-Line PL6000 gaming chair is designed for comfort, we check it out to see if it holds up.

PRODUCT REVIEW: DXRacer Craft Series Chair is Cute and Comfortable

Reading Time: 4 minutes The DXRacer Craft Series gaming chairs bring something new to the table with a preset of pastel and ornate designs to fit any aesthetic.

PRODUCT REVIEW: ‘DXRacer Air’ Offers Comfort and Stability

Reading Time: 3 minutes A blend between the traditional racing aesthetic that DXRacer popularized and a high-end office chair, the DXRacer Air is a great option.

PRODUCT REVIEW: ‘Astro ID Collection 2’ Remains One of the Best Headsets on the Market

Reading Time: 3 minutes Astro Gaming’s Astro ID Collection 2 expands the color palette while keeping comfort a priority — even if it still has a cord.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Xbox Series S Is A Great Starting Console For Next Gen

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Xbox Series S is an awesome console for those looking to get into next-gen gaming with a digital library, and don’t own a 4K television.

PRODUCT REVIEW: A20 Wireless Gen 2 Gaming Headset Nails Comfort and Audio

Reading Time: 4 minutes In September, ASTRO Gaming announced the A20 Wireless Gen 2 Gaming Headset with a host of new features including cross-platform usage.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Playstation 5 is Brilliant

Reading Time: 5 minutes The next-generation of console gaming is finally here, and there’s a lot to be excited about with the all new Playstation 5 from Sony.

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