No Wig? No Problem.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Something as silly as not being able to wear a wig shouldn’t keep you from cosplaying! If you don’t want to wear a wig, check this article out.

Who is The Wasp: Where to Start Learning About The MCU’s Newest Hero

Reading Time: 4 minutes With over fifty years of comics featuring The Wasp it can be very difficult to find a place to start, here are some recommendations.

Into the Badlands: Breathing New Life Into the Post-Apocalyptic and Martial Arts Genre

Reading Time: 4 minutes AMC’s hit show Into the Badlands mixes the wonders of the martial arts and pos-apocalyptic genres in a gorgeous and compelling way.

Knights of the Old Republic II Is a Great Game

Reading Time: 4 minutes The big twist of KOTOR 2 wasn’t why your character was exiled: it was that Revan wasn’t as great of a legend as we made them. 

WulverBlade and Historical Accuracy in Games

Reading Time: 5 minutes WulverBlade does a great job with its history element because sometimes a hack-n-slash side-scroller can be a history lesson.

5 Reasons to Start Watching Santa Clarita Diet

Reading Time: 4 minutes A lot of people are burned out on zombie, but Santa Clarita Diet reinvigorates the genre with love, humor, and a whole new taste for lore.

A Journey Through Tomb Raider

Reading Time: 9 minutes From Core Design’s first inception of Tomb Raider, all the way to the second reboot of the franchise, Lara Croft’s journey has grown.

8 Animated Kids Shows Everyone Should Know

Reading Time: 6 minutes There’s been a lot of discussion lately that animated shows made for kids should be judged on a curve completely disregarding the fact that kids are smart

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