WulverBlade and Historical Accuracy in Games

Reading Time: 5 minutes WulverBlade does a great job with its history element because sometimes a hack-n-slash side-scroller can be a history lesson.

5 Reasons to Start Watching Santa Clarita Diet

Reading Time: 4 minutes A lot of people are burned out on zombie, but Santa Clarita Diet reinvigorates the genre with love, humor, and a whole new taste for lore.

A Journey Through Tomb Raider

Reading Time: 9 minutes From Core Design’s first inception of Tomb Raider, all the way to the second reboot of the franchise, Lara Croft’s journey has grown.

8 Animated Kids Shows Everyone Should Know

Reading Time: 6 minutes There’s been a lot of discussion lately that animated shows made for kids should be judged on a curve completely disregarding the fact that kids are smart

5 Reasons Monster Hunter World is Addictive

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since it’s release on January 19, Monster Hunter World has quickly become one of the top games to release this year period.

What to Watch During Women in Horror Month

Reading Time: 8 minutes Women in Horror month is here and it’s time to highlight women in the genre both in front of and behind the camera. Kate gives her picks.

How To Start Playing X-Wing On A Budget

Reading Time: 4 minutes Here is everything that you will need to play the X-Wing Miniature game right away and on a budget with no hassle and no worries.

Tutorial for Attaching Cosplay Horns to Wigs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you want to do a cosplay that has horns but don’t know how to attach them? Check out this tutorial on attaching cosplay horns to wigs.

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