Bear Punch Media

Bear Punch Media logo with a brown bear punching to the left of the screen with the logo name written out above its fist

Bear Punch Media is a network of shows founded by Josh Silverman and Justin Stanley. After shutting down the long-running Constantly Calibrating Podcast Josh and Justin were looking for something else to do in the podcasting space, and from that Bear Punch Media was born! Much like its predecessor, BPM is built on creating passionate, interesting shows and giving voice to positive creative voices throughout all industries.

For more details on the Bear Punch Media slate of shows check out the below information. And to follow the network and keep up to date on announcements, head on over to @BearPunchMedia on Twitter.

Massively Affected - A Bear Punch Media Podcast LogoMassively Affected

Massively Affected aims to answer the question, “Why Mass Effect?”

On each episode, Josh Silverman (former host of Constantly Calibrating, and co-founder of Bear Punch Media) brings on a guest and asks them the not-so-simple question seen above. Every guest’s answer is different, and every story leads to new discoveries.



Dream Games - A Bear Punch Media Podcast LogoDream Games – Coming “Soon”

Welcome to Dream Games, where if you can dream it, we may ruin it!

Dream Games is the show where Josh Silverman, Justin Stanley, and their guests come together to workshop the games of our dreams, and hopefully not turn them into the stuff of nightmares. A Star Trek game with a Nemesis System? The ultimate Gundam rhythm game? Several games that actually became reality between the time of recording and release? We have that and more!



The Catch-All Gaming Podcast – In Development

justin Stanley’s answer to the question of producing a weekly gaming watercooler podcast is still in early development. We hope to have more details to share on this project in the coming months.