REVIEW: To Your Eternity Season 2 Delivers A Mixed Bag Of Emotional Storytelling.

Reading Time: 3 minutes To Your Eternity Season 2 focuses Fushi’s journey on his fight against the Nokkers with more mixed resaults than its predecessor.

REVIEW: ‘Buddy Daddies,’ Episode 9 – “No Sweet Without Sweat”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Buddy Daddies Episode 9 sees Miri preparing former preschool’s upcoming field day with Rei and Kazuki’s help in this fun episode.

REVIEW: ‘My Hero Academia,’ Episode 136 – “Deku vs. Class A”

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Hero Academia Episode 136 forces Deku to confront his friends from Class A, who refuse to allow him to fight All for One on his own.

REVIEW: ‘NieR: Automata Ver. 1.1a,’ Episode 7 – “[Q]uestionable actions”

Reading Time: 2 minutes NieR: Automata Episode 7 sees 2B and 9S searching for a lost machine in an episode that struggles in some spots.

REVIEW: ‘Trigun Stampede,’ Episode 10 – “Humanity”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Trigun Stampede Episode 10 sees truths revealed in this tense, revelatory episode that lays the final pieces into place for the season.

REVIEW: ‘To Your Eternity,’ Season 2 Episode 19 – “And Then, Dawn”

Reading Time: 2 minutes To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19 sees Fushi restored and ready to drive back the Nokkers in this uplifting episode.

REVIEW: ‘The Tale of Outcasts,’ Episode 9 – “Bullfight”

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Tale of Outcasts Episode 9 focuses in on how Marbas’s time with Wisteria has changed him in a series of emotional revelations.

REVIEW: ‘Attack on Titan THE FINAL CHAPTERS,’ Special 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes The iconic anime, Attack on Titan is back with THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 1 from MAPPA and it’s surprisingly middle fo the road.

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