REVIEW: ‘Elfen Lied,’ Omnibus Volume 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes Elfen Lied Omnibus Volume 2 collects three of the four original volumes in one and follows Bando as he continues to pursue Nyu’s alter ego, Lucy.

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Berserk Deluxe Edition Volume 3 HC’

Reading Time: 4 minutes ‘Berserk Deluxe Volume 3’ is another addition to the adult fantasy manga’s collection that’s being re-released by Dark Horse in a 7″ x 10″ hardcover.

REVIEW: ‘No Guns Life,’ Episode 2 – “Extended Remote-Control Device”

Reading Time: 3 minutes In “Extended Remote-Control Device,” Juuzo saves Tetsuro from an evil company and brings him to his friend for safe-keeping and repairs.

REVIEW: “No Guns Life,” Episode 1 – Renegade Extended

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Renegade Extended” introduces Juuzou Inui, an Extended that has a gun for a head. After someone breaks into his office, he’s tasked with protecting a child

REVIEW: ‘Seis Manos’ Offers Up Magic, Music, and Martial Arts

Reading Time: 6 minutes Netflix Original, Seis Manos, from Powerhouse Animation, is a must watch animation that is adding a Mexican voice to adult animation in a big way.


Reading Time: 2 minutes Ryuko Volume 2, part two of thriller manga miniseries by Eldo Yoshimizu brings an exciting conclusion as Ryuko learns the truth about her mother.

REVEIW: ‘Zero Game’ Prologue, Episodes 1 and 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hanna Yoo has it tough. After her parents death she found herself with no place to call her own. Now ridiculed, she desires a way to change things. She got, the Zero Game.

REVIEW: ‘Berserk,’ Volume 40

Reading Time: 4 minutes Berserk Volume 40 TPB. Schierke and Farnese fight their way through the nightmarish dream world of Casca’s shattered psyche to restore her sanity and to her true self.

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