ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Atom: The Beginning,’ Volume 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Atom: The Beginning Volume 1 begins the story of Hiroshi and Umataru, two scientists striving to build the greatest robot ever.

REVIEW: ‘The Poe Clan,’ Volume 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Poe Clan Volume 1 is vintage shojo manga to read and behold from founding genre mother Moto Hagio with its two unaging protagonists.

REVIEW: ‘The King’s Beast’ Volume 7

Reading Time: 2 minutes The King’s Beast Volume 7 is all about the truth about Sogestu’s supposed murder and the power that has laid dormant inside of Rangetsu.

REVIEW: ‘Record of Ragnarok’ Volume 3

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Record of Ragnarok Volume 3, we see the conclusion of Zeus versus Adam, and a new champion for humanity enter the ring against Poseidon.

REVIEW: Alice in Borderland Volume 3

Reading Time: 2 minutes With Alice in Borderland Volume 3, by Haru Aso, we find ourselves near the end of Season 1 of the live-action’s material.

REVIEW: ‘Kaiju No.8’ Volume 3

Reading Time: 3 minutes In Kaiju No. 8 Volume 3, from mangaka Naoya Matsumoto, Kafka faces his hardest fight yet, against Vice-Captain Hoshina. 

ADVANCE REVIEW: ‘Jujutsu Kaisen,’ Volume 16

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 16 contains pivotal moments in the series as one arc, The Shibuya Incident, ends, and another begins.

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘My Love Mix-Up’ Volume 4

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Love Mix-Up Volume 4 is written by mangaka Wataru Hinekuri and illustrated by mangaka Aruka and it takes the romance to the next level.

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