REVIEW: ‘NiNoKuni’ Captures The Spirit of The Series

Reading Time: 4 minutes ‘NiNoKuni’ is an animated movie based on the game series of the same name that follows two friends that are transported to a fantasy world.

REVIEW: ‘No Guns Life,’ Episode 12 — “Ghost”

Reading Time: 3 minutes In “Ghost,” Juzo gets hired to find a ghost haunting a girl who has recently lost both her parents and a leg due to a rouge Extended.

REVIEW: ‘No Guns Life,’ Episode 10 — “Phantom Limb”

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Phantom Limb” takes a step back from focusing on Juzo and instead follows Tetsuro and Mary as they try to help out a friend with dubious ideals.

REVIEW: ‘No Guns Life,’ Episode 9—”Reverberation”

Reading Time: 4 minutes In “Reverberation,” we get some downtime to explore more of Juzo, Mary, and Testuro’s relationship and further explore the dystopian themes in this series.

REVIEW: ‘No Guns Life,’ Episode 8 – “Will”

Reading Time: 3 minutes In “Will,” Juzo’s gun unit programming takes over and causes Juzo to go berserk. Can Tetsuro and Olivier calm a rampaging gun unit?

REVIEW: ‘No Guns Life,’ Episode 7 – “Overheating”

Reading Time: 3 minutes In episode 7, “Overheating,” Juzo and Kronen foil Hayden’s plans to assassinate Mega Armed. But, is there more to this attempted murder than meets the eye?

REVIEW: ‘No Guns Life,’ Episode 6 – “Hero”

Reading Time: 4 minutes In episode 6, “Hero,” at the behest of the EMS, Juzo goes after a murderer who was the first military Extended used in the war.

REVIEW: ‘No Guns Life,’ Episode 5 – “EMS”

Reading Time: 3 minutes In No Guns Life Episode 5, Tetsuro is concerned about the EMS coming after Juzo because he fired his head gun and his concerns are not unfounded

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