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We started But Why Tho?  in 2018 and since then we’ve been able to grow to a dedicated crew of staff and writers. Our Managing Editors work to coordinate monthly coverage by working with PR and our writing team to make sure we cover the latest while also covering what’s important to us. Our Editors work hard to make sure that every piece published meets our site’s standards. And our Contributing Writers keep all of this going with their reviews, features, and interviews across the entertainment world. From covering festivals and conventions to attending junkets and reviewing content, we do it all.

Check out staff and writers below, their portfolios, socials, and make sure to give them support. If you would like to join our team in any capacity, please feel free to reach out to Kate Sanchez at kate@butwhythopodcast.com.

Our Managing Staff

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Kate is co-founder, EIC, and CCO of BWT. She’s also a Certified Rotten Tomatoes Critic, podcast host, and directly oversees the Film, TV, Anime, and Manga sections.
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Co-Founder & Games Partnerships
Matt is co-founder and CEO of BWT. He is also the host of our flagship podcast and games partnership lead, coordinating gaming news and PR relationships. He is also responsible for keeping the lights on.
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Marketing & Strategic Communications
LaNeysha is a host on So Here’s What Happened, and Did You Have To?. she is also responsible for developing strategic marketing and communications. She is also an anime and manga critic.
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Jason F.
Sr. Editor & Lead – Comics, Books
When Jason not editing the podcast or musing the effects media have on our lives, I’m off working to develop sustainable food systems. He leads our Comics & Books Sections.
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Editor & Lead – Games
Quinn is an editor and comic and video game writer with a love for Transformers and cyberpunk. As a nonbinary person, Quinn also takes pleasure in evaluating the inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons in media.
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Kerri is a disabled assistant editor and news writer for BWT. She is motivated by her love of words, commas, comics, and all things geeky.
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Assistant Editor
Kyle is an editor, writer, and musician from Orlando, FL with a history of covering video games, technology, and sports. He also believes mayonnaise is the best condiment for hot dogs, which are sandwiches.
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Our Contributing Writers

Film | TV
Nicolas is a pop culture critic, focusing primarily on film, tv. anime, and manga. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from San Francisco State University, which shapes the way he analyzes his work.
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Collier "CJ"
Film | TV | Comics | Anime
Collier “CJ” Jennings is a freelance reporter and film critic living in Seattle. He uses his love of comics and film/TV to craft reviews and essays on genre projects. He is also a host on Into the Spider-Cast.
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Games | Anime | Comics | Film
Charles is a lifelong geek who enjoys comics, video games, movies, reading, and board games. Over the past year he’s taken a more active interest in artistic pursuits including digital painting, and now writing.
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William J.
William J. Jackson self publishes books of punk genres, Victorian Age superheroes, rocket ships, and human turmoil. He loves him some comic books, Nature, Star Trek, and the fine art of the introvert.
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Anime | Manga
Olive is an award-winning playwright with BAs in English and Theatre. At BWT she is a manga and anime critic, with an additional focus on mental health portrayals in media and true crime.
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Comics | Film | Games
Adrian is just a guy who spends way too much time playing video games, enjoys popcorn movies more than he should, owns too much nerdy memorabilia, and has lots of opinions about all things pop culture from Star Wars to the next Vin Diesel movie.
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Max is a librarian, Dungeon Master, and Video Gamer. He loves reading, learning, teaching.
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Anime | Manga
Mercedez (she/they) is a freelance translation and localization editor, QA, writer, and an occasional podcast. Using her passion for all things anime/manga, she shines a feminist, queer, and optimistic lens on the media she loves.
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Comics | Books
Marina is a book and comic reviewer with a passion for anything involving fantasy, mythology, and epic adventures. Through their writing they hope to help people find their next read.
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William T.
Comics | Film | TV
Screenwriter with a love of comics and movies. Once referred to Wuthering Heights as “the one with the Rabbits.”
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Comics | TV
Aaron is the co-host and social media manager of the Nerds Social Club podcast. Hailing originally from England, and after some lengthy questing, he's currently set up shop in Pennsylvania.
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Carlos is a lover all of things From Software and German beers. A History buff and video game nerd all wrapped in one. He may or may not have a past history of recording hip-hop music, and thoroughly challenges you to find him.
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Arron is a lifelong gamer and critic. He has a bachelor's in Media Arts and Game Design and will play just about anything that is not racing or sports because he is bad at them.
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Game | Manga
Spencer Icasiano (they/them) is a queer and mixed Filipinx writer and co-host of Pixel Therapy, a podcast about the emotional connections people form with games. They have written on topics of queer and trans identity, art-making, and advocacy.
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Comics | Manga
Carrie navigates the world as a writer, editor, and media scholar who firmly believes that we can and we should critique the media we consume.
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Ricardo is a Mexico City-based bilingual writer, Certified Rotten Tomatoes film critic, and Digital Animation graduate. He loves cats, Mass Effect, Paddington and is the founder of the film website “La Estatuilla.
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Film/TV | Comics
Swara is a data analyst, writer, and a co-host of Into the Spider-Cast and The Middle Geeks.
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Film | Podcaster
Carolyn is a Freelance Film Critic, Journalist, and Podcaster - and avid live tweeter. Member of the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA).
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Caitlin is a sweater enthusiast, film critic, and lean, mean writing machine based in Austin, TX. Her love of film began with being shown Rosemary’s Baby at a particularly impressionable age and she’s been hooked ever since.
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Books | Manga
Cidnya is a reviewer, podcaster, and YouTuber covering comics, manga, and books. Their writing is shaped by emotional depth and critical analysis.
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