3 Chaotic Xbox Game Pass Games To Remind Lonely People It Could Be Worse This Valentine’s Day

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Xbox Game Pass Valentine's Day - But Why Tho

An Xbox Game Pass ode for Valentine’s Day:

O, oh Game Pass, you library of endless hours
Spent on my couch, alone, my right stick drifting
My lonely heart adrift
Drifting through you, oh library of endless adventures, countless perplexions, immeasurable comforts
I have doubt than any library could match what,
My lonely heart, adrift,
Finds in meandering through you, Game Pass
On my couch,
My right stick drifting,
Skipping panels as I scroll, but never failing to show me what I could be missing
Because you, oh Game Pass, you library of incomparable love and toil from those who built you
For as long as my lonely, drifting heart is open to your possibilities,
I will never have want for any other.

Anyway, this is a list of 3 games available now on Xbox Game Pass that, for those spending Valentine’s Day alone on their couches, present mundane, everyday scenarios with such exaggerated chaos that you won’t help but be thankful that at least your day is going better than these people! Subscribe now with our affiliate link to jump right in.


Xbox Game Pass Valentine's Day - ClusterTruck - But Why Tho

Nobody likes a traffic jam. Especially a traffic jam surrounded by gigantic honking trucks. That’s why ClusterTruck from Landfall Games is here to remind you that it could be worse than being home alone on Valentine’s Day—you could be in a traffic jam! The chaos of ClusterTruck comes from its speed-based gameplay. Trucks line the first-person path from one end of a level to the other, turning, crashing, plowing into the scenery, and your job is to run atop the trucks, jumping from one to the next to reach the end of the level as fast as you can. It’s wacky, has funky gravity, and scores you based on how quickly you complete each level. Don’t let loneliness jam your heart this Valentine’s Day, play Clustertruck instead!

Kill It With Fire

Kill It With Fire - But Why Tho

Think being alone at home playing video games on Valentine’s Day is rough? Well, you could be alone at home playing video games on Valentine’s Day with an infestation of spiders! Kill it With Fire from Casey Donnellan is an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. Play through 9 replayable levels of spider-murdering as the 8-legged menaces invade your home and leave you no choice but to swat them with your clipboards, chuck household objects their way, shoot your gun at them, and well, kill them with fire. It’s chaotic, it’s well-conceived, it’s addictively replayable as you try and complete bonus objectives and find every last little bugger. Don’t let the fear of a lonely Valentine’s Day crawl into your heart, play Kill it With Fire instead!

You Suck at Parking

You Suck at Parking - But Why Tho

There are few things that I spend as much time being anxious over on a daily basis than where I’m going to park. I would rather walk two miles than have to find a parking space. Thankfully, no parking job will ever be as painful, difficult, or dangerous as it is in You Suck at Parking from Happy Volcano. The whole world is one big parking job as you drive around an overworld finding new landmarks to park in, challenges to complete, and unlocking new aesthetics for your car. And if your lonely heart yearns for the honking of another, You Suck at Parking has an online multiplayer mode where you can compete against other drivers to park in the most spots the fastest across a few levels. It’s a really calming atmosphere, despite its hectic premise and sharp turns. Don’t let your heart get stuck in park, play You Suck at Parking instead!

Xbox Game Pass is full of games to fill your heart, lonely or otherwise this Valentine’s Day. Subscribe now with our affiliate link to get to playing 100s of games right away!

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