MagicCon Coming to Philadelphia February 17-19

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Wizards of the Coast is kicking off its 2023 Magic: The Gathering event schedule with MagicCon coming to the City of Brotherly Love February 17-19 at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Fans from around the world can look forward to a packed weekend of exclusive panels, interviews, tournaments, and special guests celebrating the 30th anniversary of the worldwide phenomenon Magic: The Gathering.

In three decades of play, Magic: The Gathering (aka Magic or MTG) has been played by more than 50 million passionate fans around the world. Introduced in 1993, Magic became an instant success, and over the years, Wizards of the Coast has continued to evolve and produce playable content for its growing number of fans. The reach and interest of Magic became so widespread that, in 2002, Magic Online took the game into the digital age, bringing even more people together in the spirit of friendship, competition, and fun, and continues today with MTG Arena, a digital adaptation of the tabletop game.

MagicCon in Philadelphia will feature a first look at the upcoming set March of the Machine, the climax of a story arc that began more than a decade ago that promises to change the world of Magic: The Gathering forever.

Panelists will be available for interviews on-site for interested media, and artists’ booths offer amazing visuals for stories. And Magic fans are renowned for their passion and willingness to talk about their game and their community.

As Wizards of the Coast celebrates Magic’s 30 years, new cards, stories, strategies, and challenges await all those who have a zeal for collecting, deckbuilding, and coming together to play Magic: The Gathering.


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