REVIEW: ‘Mob Psycho 100 III,’ Episode 6 – “Divine Tree 3 ~Dimple Is~”

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Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6 marks the halfway point of the anime’s fantastic third season in a flashy way. It does a great job of garnering the viewer’s excitement but leaves them with a bittersweet feeling towards the end. 

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6 starts by resuming where the last episode left off with a short but impactful dialogue between Dimple and Mob. It’s clear to see that the fight between the Mob and Dimple previously was a reluctant one as, despite everything, the two have been friends for a long time, and judging by the events of the episode, it’s fair to say their bout was far from a  result of a black and white rivalry. Dimple spends some time talking it out with Mob, who acknowledges that he’s spent more time trying to fight Dimple and dismissing him while focusing on his own life than understanding him. He clearly regrets this and makes amends for it in the episode. Thankfully his words and gesture reach Dimple, who, upon reflection on why he wanted great strength in the first place, decides it isn’t worth it as all his power has gained him nothing but emptiness so far, despite it being a long time goal he’s always strived to achieve. 

The anime further emphasizes and validates their relationship by showing that all Dimple ever needed was a friend and, surprisingly, not world domination. Of course, while this is a great way to show character development, I’d have to admit that it is an outcome that was highly predictable, especially after seeing the end of the last episode. It just took a while to get to where it did. However, I’ll also admit that it felt natural and warranted and didn’t hinder the message the season was trying to deliver. 

Thankfully this message remains true throughout, as Dimple’s character arc is concluded in one of the best, most redeeming, and flashiest ways possible with yet another incredible action scene featured at the end of Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6. While the reason for this fight scene seemingly came out of nowhere, it still felt expected as things between Mob and Dimple wrapped up a little too quickly in the first half of the episode. 

There aren’t many words I could use to describe this action scene that I already haven’t used to describe many similar scenes in previous episodes. Although I can say that Studio Bones still has not failed in presenting its best work time and time again this season, especially with this episode’s well-produced, well-choreographed, fantastically-animated grandiose fight scene.

The episode’s end also does an excellent job of emphasizing the two’s friendship and how close they’ve gotten over the years, making the arc’s finale so satisfying. Overall, Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6 was another banger of an episode, and the past two episodes have been phenomenal and some of the best the series had to offer. It’s hard to say whether the next six episodes will leave up to what we’ve seen in the season so far. However, judging by what was shown in the episode preview, it is safe to say the season structure will return to portraying Mob’s daily hijinks. Either way, I confidently look forward to seeing how the season progresses, as there has been very little to complain about so far.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6 was another banger of an episode and provided another flashy fight and an excellent end to a character arc.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6 Is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6
  • 8/10
    Rating - 8/10


Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6 was another banger of an episode and provided another flashy fight and an excellent end to a character arc.

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