Minimalist Strategy Sim Mini Motorways Adds Endless and Expert Mode

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Fans of Dinosaur Polo Club’s traffic simulator Mini Motorways have two new game modes to test drive this week in the game’s biggest update since launch. With the release of their Endless & Expert update, the developers take inspiration from their first hit Mini Metro to deliver two all-new experiences for players longing for a gameplay twist that’s either more relaxing or seriously challenging.

In Mini Motorways, the player takes the role of a road designer, drawing roads between houses and destinations in vibrant multicolored cities inspired by real-world locations. As time passes, the city will expand, placing increased demand on its roads and forcing players to adapt and keep up with a growing population.

In Endless Mode, players can draw the roads that drive a growing city, much as in Mini Motorways’ classic gameplay mode, but without the usual pressure of Game Over. The city grows at the player’s speed, and as efficiency milestones are achieved, the player can introduce road upgrades such as roundabouts, highways, and traffic lights. For those who have always wanted a chance to continue building the city that could have been, or to simply relax and vibe to the immersive soundscape artist Disasterpeace has crafted for this game, now is your chance. 

And for players who fancy themselves, skilled city planners, Mini Motorways now offers its own version of a deeper strategy experience with Expert Mode. This game mode provides a new set of obstacles and rules: road layouts and upgrades become permanent after a short time and a new upgrade system places even greater importance on week-to-week planning. This game mode comes with its own leaderboards for each of the game’s 15 maps so players can aim for the satisfaction of beating a new personal best.

The Endless & Expert update is a free update available for the Mini Motorways base game, available now on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and on PC and Mac via Steam.


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