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Action Comics #1048 - But Why Tho

Action Comics #1048 from DC shows Superman’s quest to give the lost Kryptonians peace has only just begun. Phillip Kennedy Johnson pens both stories in this issue. Artwork chores for story one are done by Mike Perkins with the second by David Lapham. Colors are by Lee Loughridge and Trish Mulvihill, respectively. Dave Sharpe does letters for both. We can step aside from Dark Crisis for a minute and how it zapped Superman into an alternate dimension for a time. Over here in Action, Big Blue is back from space, victorious. He’s brought Warworld with him and its Kryptonian survivors and has taken in two of its number. Meanwhile, the old dramas plot against him while new problems jump out of the woodwork, or space warp, as the case may be.

Lex Luthor is up to his old tricks. Whatever he’s on now, it will involve coaxing Metallo out of his depressing slump in prison. Slowly but surely Luthor attempts to wear the maligned villain down. Whether he does will have to wait for now. Other things are happening. While Superman is in space breaking down debris and prepping for Warworld to leave, an unnatural star glistens. Back on Earth at the Metropolis Zoo, Osol-Ra and Otho-Ra, the young Kryptonians Clark and Lois took in, are getting treated to a day of seeing Terran animal life. I was happy to see Bibbo, that old character from the 90s, pop up to say hello. 

Action Comics #1048 then drops the tension and the starlight reveals itself to be a complication. Superman chimes in to help and things get twitchy real quick. I have to say, I’m new to Johnson’s style of writing, but he captures the hope and stalwart character of Superman brilliantly. Perkins, Loughridge, and Sharpe are icing on the cake because this art is beautiful, with high contrasting colors and clear lettering. Superman appears powerful but not overdone. All of the characters are exceptional in detail and the action scenes are staged and displayed with great visual fervor. Johnson manages to input a lot of plots without the issue feeling hurried. Superman has returned from space but has apparently opened a can of worms that is soon to cause him and his loved ones a world of hurt. And that’s not including whatever Luthor has up his sleeve. There’s a lot to look forward to and I’m enjoying this arc.

The backup feature, ‘Red Moon Part One,’ begins with a tale of dread from fun-loving Warworld as told by Thao-La as she learns flying from Supergirl. I love this. Not only is the Superman Family getting more panel time, but we now have more Kryptonians and the Warworld saga didn’t just up and vanish in a puff of smoke once Superman returned. There is some good dialogue between the two, but as I said before, the drama from Warworld has not abated. A threat is creeping around that poses a tremendous threat to the world and these two heroines get caught up in it fast.

Johnson again displays a mastery with the characters (so glad to see Kara, my fave of those sporting the ‘S’). Great to see Lapham on the art with his unique style, as well. Not only do I love the interiors, but his alternate cover for this issue is simply amazing. Mulvihill enlivens Lapham’s art with classic colors and from one story to the next, Sharpe’s lettering and SFX help the eyes follow both stories and focus on the art. 

I loved both of these tales. This issue is part three of the main plot, so rush to your comic shop and snag issues #1046 and #1047. The realignment of the Superman titles is in a few months, so now is the perfect time to jump on this book and get in on what’s happening. Everything coming will be based on what’s building here. Action Comics is hot and your hands need the warmth.

Action Comics #1048 is available wherever comic books are sold.

Action Comics #1048


I loved both of these tales. This issue is part three of the main plot, so rush to your comic shop and snag issues #1046 and #1047.

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