CATAN – Console Edition Coming 2023

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CATAN – Console Edition

Dovetail Games, award-winning developer and publisher, today announced their new and upcoming digital board game, CATAN – Console Edition, is releasing on PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in 2023. CATAN – Console Edition brings the massively popular board game to life with features that expand on the 27-year-old classic’s success. CATAN – Console Edition includes highly detailed tiles that will immerse players on the island of CATAN, a new way for players to play locally from the couch with up to four friends, and a multiplayer mode to play with fellow Catanians all over the world.

No two games will be the same. Players can enjoy different layouts in the terrain with variable board setups, whether it’s towering mountains, bustling pastures, or thriving forests, every game will look and feel different. Catanians will be moving around the board, sheep will be grazing in the fields, and boats will be floating at the docks. All of this contributes to an experience unique to CATAN – Console Edition.

“We’ve collaborated closely with Nomad Games and CATAN to provide players with an authentic experience unlike any other. We tried to pay attention to the little details, like the bunting that decorates the longest road or the little chimney when someone builds a city; each part of the game has been carefully designed to bring the board to life,” Natalie Dodd, Studio Producer at Dovetail Games, said. “The ability to play locally with friends is a novel and exciting addition. Players can track cards using their phones, which eliminates the risk of other players seeing your resources. We can’t wait to show everyone this fantastic feature!”

Dovetail Games is bringing the ability to play board games locally with friends to the digital version of CATAN – Console Edition. Local play allows players to play with up to four friends in the same room by simply starting a game, connecting their phone via a simple QR code, and playing. Players can then track their cards using their phones. This simple solution allows players to quickly set up a game and play without sacrificing the privacy of each player’s hand.

CATAN – Console Edition features multiplayer as well as a ranking system. Matchmaking can be done with friends or against other players from all over the world. Gather resources, construct settlements throughout CATAN, and become the winning Catanian to advance in rank. The multiplayer ranking system will try to match players together based on skill level and will update at the end of each game.

CATAN – Console Edition is developed by Nomad Games and published by Dovetail Games and will be released for PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2023. The title is now available digitally on the PlayStation Store for wishlisting, and wishlisting is coming soon to the Microsoft Store.


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