Lost in Fantaland Is a Promising Pixel-Art Deck-Builder, Out Now in Early Access on Steam

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Lost in Fantaland - But Why Tho

Lost in Fantaland, from Supernature Studio, is out now in Early Access on Steam – and can be grabbed for the special sale price of $13.99. In case the name eludes you, Lost in Fantaland is a promising new single-player rogue-lite with deck-building, isometric grid-based turn-based strategy, and some nifty pixel-art visuals. It sees you playing as an adventurer on a journey across a new continent, being guided by a mysterious figure.

This continent is packed with monsters, traps, treasures, and all that good stuff. But before you get into all that you’ll need to pick a class. Warrior, Mage, and Deceiver will be included in the full release, though you’re restricted to the first two for now. 

Exploration is the name of the game, and this means choosing a path from a selection of branch zones. These branches can lead to fights, Artifacts, new cards, random events, or bonfires where you can restore your hit points. You’ll likely recognize this deck-building gameplay.

You’ll also know that it makes for a super-addictive challenge. Lost in Fantaland ups the ante with some pretty involved turn-based strategy. A glance at the screenshots will tell you that this looks more like a fully-fledged JRPG than a standard card-battler, with isometric grid-based maps and diverse terrain.

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Attacking, defending, and movement are all played out with cards, and each card that you play costs you a certain number of action points. Combining cards, meanwhile, gives you access to some devastating attacks and combos. 

After every battle you’ll get an additional card, improving your prospects in the next battle. Your deck isn’t the only thing that changes over the course of a game. As you progress you’ll encounter weather effects, different terrains, and more, all of which you can use to your advantage in battle. Plus, you can lay traps for your enemies, and trick them into triggering those traps during a fight. 

Lost in Fantaland looks far more involved than your average card-battler. To see for yourself, head on over to Steam and check it out. 

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