Everything Shown at the 2022 505 Games Showcase

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Among the Trolls 2 505 Games Showcase

505 Games held its very first showcase, giving detailed looks at three of the publisher’s upcoming titles as well as the first reveal of a fourth as well. There was a lot of great information given about some very exciting new titles. So, without further ado, here is everything shown at the 505 Games Showcase.

Among the Trolls

Among the Trolls 1 505 Games Showcase

The first game detailed by 505 Games was the first-person survival title Among the Trolls. Developed by Forbidden Studios, the game attempts to bring its folklore-inspired setting to life with incredible visuals thanks to tools and processors developed for the Unity engine in the studio. 

The showcase revealed that the game stars a female protagonist that leaves her life in the United States behind to go stay at the old house of her grandparents in Finland. While rowing a boat to reach the cabin her boat is overturned by a massive Pike, causing her to wake up on the shore somewhere in the forest.

From there, players have to survive in the usual way by crafting, gathering resources, and building a base to live in. While that is all rather standard for the genre, it is the details that try to set Among the Trolls apart by adding some novel spins.

The first spin is the attention to realism. During the showcase, the developers revealed that they consulted with numerous historians and survival experts to create the most realistic techniques, animations, and items possible. Not too many of these elements were shown in the showcase, but there was a quick glimpse at a realistic log cabin that looked as cozy as it did accurate.

The second, and largest, foil in Among the Trolls is what it draws from Finnish folklore. The forest that the player awakens in is one filled with magic and spirits. This means that the player can interact with them in various ways, but they also have to be careful to not take too much from the forest. Doing so can anger the spirits of the forest, causing them to lash out and attack you until they are appeased with a sacrifice.

The game will also feature magical crafting elements as well as being able to summon familiars to help you, although none of that was shown during the showcase. However, the game will be launching in Early Access on PC later this year, and the developers said that they hope to work with their community to iron out those and other features as the game is developed. 

Stray Blade

Stray Blade 505 Games Showcase

The second game explored in the showcase was Stray Blade, the fantasy RPG developed by Point Blank Games. Stray Blade was first revealed at the Xbox Showcase at Gamescom last year, so it’s time for this showcase to focus on detailing the story and combat system that players should expect when the game launches. 

The game sees players stepping into the shoes of an anthropologist exploring a hidden valley protected by a magically sealed valley. However, the player somehow brings that magic barrier down but is killed in the process. That is, until a spirit named Boji revives them, allowing them to explore the valley and oppose or help the various human factions that enter it to stake a claim. 

The trailer also detailed the game’s combat, which looked fast and brutal with some great visual flairs and impactful feedback. The developers also promised that the game will have numerous weapons for players to choose from and each one can be mastered by the player to unlock a portion of their skill tree. This is meant to encourage players to experiment with different weapons, while also allowing them to unlock the sections of their skill tree that will reflect their playstyle.

Boji can also be upgraded with his own specific skill tree. This will allow him to help the player in various ways as they fight, like distracting enemies, stunning them to set up a combo, or even blocking for the player. It all looked quite impressive and is aiming for a release sometime next year on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising 505 Games Showcase

The final game given an in-depth look was Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. This game is a side-scrolling RPG that serves as a prequel to the most-funded game on Kickstarter in 2020, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. The game is developed by veteran developers of the Castlevania series at Rabbit & Bear Studios and introduces players to characters and the setting of the main game. 

Rising focuses on a small village that the player can expand and customize as they progress through the game. From there, players adventure into a nearby system of mines with two companions to face monsters and complete quests. It features a full main questline as well as numerous optional side quests that can be completed to further upgrade your village. 

The game also has some stellar visuals to soak in as you embark on quests, learn about the history and personalities of your companions, and upgrade your village. Even better is that the game is already out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is even included in Xbox Game Pass if you want to check it out and have a subscription. 

Miasma Chronicles

Miasma Chronicles 505 Showcase

Finally, the showcase concluded with a brief cinematic trailer for the new game by the team behind Mutant: Year Zero at The Bearded Ladies. No gameplay from Miasma Chronicles was detailed, but the trailer did show two heroes, one human and one robot, that were implied to be brothers. 

The human character tried opening a portal in front of some jagged alien-looking rocks using a strange gauntlet on his hand but was ultimately unable to do so. The two then lamented the need to open the portal to save their mother, but that was all that was revealed. All in all, it looked pretty, and if Mutant: Year Zero is anything to go by, it should have some fun characters, good writing, and unique mechanics. 

The 505 Games showcase was a bit smaller than many other shows, but it brought a bit of something for everyone. It also was great to get a more detailed look at each of the individual titles, rather than just a surface level peek at a higher number. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on Stray Blade, but all four of the shown games look like they could be a great time.

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