REVIEW: ‘We Have Demons,’ Issue #3

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We Are Demons #3 - But Why Tho

We Have Demons #3 is written by Scott Snyder, penciled by Greg Capullo, inked by Jonathan Glapion, colored by Dave McCaig, and lettered by Tom Napolitano. It is a ComiXology Original series published under Snyder’s Best Jackett Press imprint. Following the end of the second issue, Lamassu “Lau” Cullen and her demon partner Gus face the threat of her Horn-infected father Cash. At the end of their rope, Lau and Gus — alongside their fellow demon hunters — have to decide whether or not to track down the location of a meteor made of the demon-slaying Halo.

Faith has been a recurring theme in Snyder’s work, ranging from his work at DC Comics such as Batman and Dark Nights: Death Metal to his other creator-owned work including Undiscovered Country. It seems only natural that We Have Demons would take that to its natural endpoint by pitting humans against demons and giving them weapons literally powered by faith. But more than that, Snyder’s script dives into what it means to have faith. Faith is what gets people through good times and bad times alike; even when it feels like the world’s crushing you down, that small belief is what gets you through the dark. And I also enjoy the inventive use of curse words by the demons-seriously, if you think you get inventive with your cursing, you should take a look at this comic.

Capullo and Glapion turn in some of the best work of their career, stuffing pages full of horror and gore. They draw an army full of demons, bodies twisting like skin-covered trees and ending in jagged points; combined with their glowing horns, eyes, and razor-sharp claws, it makes for a nightmarish image. The battle sequences are also intense; demons have their heads, limbs, and torsos hacked off, sending unholy blood spraying everywhere. It’s the kind of battle that could rival even the most gruesome battles in Mortal Kombat.

McCaig leans into the contrast of the series by providing two different sets of colors: blue and white for the demon slayers, and orange for the demons. Given that blue and orange are opposite from each other on the color wheel, this makes the action even more eye-grabbing. Glowing blue blades carve through flesh like a knife through hot butter, and glowing orange blood splatters everywhere. Even Napolitano’s letters recieve the blue and orange treatment; the demons’ word balloons are just as twisted as they are and burn bright orange, while Gus — being a demon who turned to the side of the angels — speaks in black and blue word balloons.

We Have Demons #3 ends the series’ first story arc in gloriously gory style while serving as a meditation on the nature of faith. I have no idea when to expect future issues, but I hope this series continues for a long time — Snyder and Capullo make a wonderful team, and We Have Demons is proof that their partnership can flourish outside of the Big Two.

We Have Demons #3 is currently available to purchase on ComiXology. The first three issues will be published in print form by Dark Horse Comics in spring 2022.

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