REVIEW: ‘Nightwing,’ Issue #88

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Nightwing #88

Nightwing #88 rings in 2022 with a fresh new story hot on the heels of 2021, when this series turned into white-hot fire. As usual, Tom Taylor is on writing chores, with Bruno Redondo on art, Adriano Lucas bringing the pastel wonderland, and Andworld Design blocking letters, DC Comics on the publishing end. So far, Dick avoided being assassinated by Blockbuster’s thugs, but he’s far from beyond the reach of danger. That’s okay; this issue charges him, and readers, with surprise guests, lots of threats, and a return of the artistic blue lines to Nightwing’s fashion lineup! 

Okay, to the plot. Dick dodged one attempt, but now he’s set to give another public announcement for the Alfred Pennyworth Foundation, whose goal is to find housing for the unhoused. Dick knows he can uplift Bludhaven, and the opening page reveals his idealistic assessment in soft blue hues of the majestic city skyline. We also get a parallel story here, the good and the bad plotting behind Dick’s back to make sure he rises…or falls. In the rising category, pragmatic girlfriend Oracle, Barbara Gordon. She has it in mind to keep Dick on the alive side of the aisle, setting up some surprise guests later on in the issue. Owning Bludhaven isn’t enough to satisfy, and maybe housing people irk the Haven’s biggest supervillain. Whatever the case may be, he decides Dick has to die…again. So, assassins.

Poor Dick just needs to complete his speech by the harbor, with half-sister Mayor Melinda Zucco right behind him, and symbolically/literally break new ground on his project. That’s it. Not going to happen. At least, not in the way our hero would prefer. But that’s fine. Taylor has invested this issue in some amazing appearances, actions, dialogue, and even titillates with a surprise ending to make you forget about your daily cares and that C-19 thing…

For a time, that is. And that’s the strength of this issue. Considering the plotline, this is fun reading. It comes off the page with a playful zeal, like the zip of the Silver Age but with the camp cleverly shaven off. In terms of writing and art, this issue is like a palette cleanser. It uses the exact amount of lines, dialogue, color, lettering to turn the usually drab world of minimalist art into two-dimensional haute couture. It is clear that buildings and rooftops are as much a part of the storytelling as they are relevant to the artistry. The sensation I got reading this was like admiring the bright blue sky on a day with perfect weather right after a good rain. An airy crispness breezes from this book, one that was always there but by God, it brought its comic book petrichor. Maybe I’m biased by the spectacular run this team has had, but I have to say it.

Nightwing #88 is a perfect issue in a perfect series run by this team thus far.

Speaking of perfection, I’ve doted about the DIY instructional basic art Redondo likes to toss in before. Well, this time, we get these long panel shots of a skyscraper, then of a brownstone (that looks great even though tiny!). But with those come Andworld’s elongated pointy letterboxes that art artistically on point and hilarious, with both decked out in Lucas’ breathtaking shades of blue. Hot dang, I have never appreciated Spring or neon colors more. Again, kudos on art, facial expressions, lettering, SFX, and dazzling coloring.

Nightwing #88 is too good. Why haven’t you gotten it yet! You read the review. It’s out there. Enjoy!

Nightwing #88 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

Nightwing #88


Nightwing #88 is a perfect issue in a perfect series run by this team thus far.

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