FAR: Changing Tides Arrives March 1 for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Steam and Epic

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FAR: Changing

Today, Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments, announced the launch date for FAR: Changing Tides, the next part of the FAR universe, from developers Okomotive. Due to launch on March 1, 2022, pre-orders have opened across various platforms, including Xbox, where the game will hit GamePass, day one.

To celebrate this, two new lo-fi soundtrack videos, Soundwaves, have been created using in-game assets. Across a two-hour runtime, these meditative videos invite listeners to lose themselves in the world created by Okomotive, from the gentle lapping of the waves to the rhythmic thump of the mighty engine that powers the ramshackle vehicle across a flooded world.

About FAR: Changing Tides:

Set sail and discover the wonders of a flooded world rife with mystery. Dive into unknown depths on the hunt for fuel and salvage, devise innovative solutions to overcome intricate obstacles, and unearth forgotten relics lost to time.

Experience the thrill of captaining a unique seafaring vessel with a mind of its own.

More than a ship, this is a friend. Together you’ll brave high seas, navigate intense storms, and plumb the perils of a briny deep, growing as an inseparable partnership.

Contend with both the fantastical and familiar in a richly detailed environment to captivate and mesmerize. From bleak shorelines lapped by tides to desolate basins in flooded forest valleys to submerged enclaves frozen in time, each lovingly hand-painted location tells its own story.

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