REVIEW: ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ Episode 12 – “It’s Just the Cultural Festival”

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Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 - But Why Tho

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12  is a Japanese Netflix Original anime directed by Ayumu Watanabe and animated by Studio OLM. This slice-of-life comedy anime is an adaptation of the popular manga series written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. The voice acting cast for the Komi Can’t Communicate consists of  Aoi Koga (Love is War) as Shouko Komi, Gakuto Kajiwara (Fire Force) as Hitohito Tadano, and Rie Murakawa (Re: Zero) as Najimi Osana.

Komi Can’t Communicate centers on Shouko Komi a high school girl who suffers from an extreme social anxiety. Although nearly everyone regards her as the most popular girl in their school for her elegance, icy stare, and stoic beauty. Thankfully her classmate Tadano is the first to person to realize Komi has a social anxiety and makes her bad at communicating. Which has affected her ability to form connections with others and make friends. The truth is that Komi doesn’t want to be perceived as popular or unapproachable. All she really wanted was friends. And so Tadano makes it his mission to help Komi on her quest to make 100 friends.

Episode 12 marks the conclusion of the first season for Komi Can’t Communicate. In this episode all of the works that Komi ad her classmates put into the cultural festival pays off when their attraction seems to be the most popular throughout the school. Meanwhile it seems Najimi is up to something shady that requires Komi’s assistance.

Overall Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 doesn’t really stand out too much as a season finale, which doesn’t make it bad by any means. I just felt as season finale the story would pack a bigger punch to close out the season. Although I did love how the bonus segment towards the end of the episode worked in the ending and opening themes. I felt that was nice touch mark the season finale episode. Otherwise, Episode 12 was still a prety good watch and I still  highly recommend checking it out.This episode pretty much stays the course from where where we last left off with Komi and her friends at the cultural festival. So audiences can enjoy some more slice of life moments of Komi and her friends working the cultural festival and experiencing other attractions themselves.

Although this episode doesn’t switch things up much story-wise, it does set things up nicely for romance to develop further in certain character relationships. One of my favorite things I have always appreciated about Komi Can’t Communicate, even before it was adapted into an anime, was that it takes it time getting to the romance. I am happy to see that the anime follows suit and that it takes its time developing the romance instead of rushing things along.

Personally, I find this pace for developing the romance to be more interesting because it feels more natural watching Komi and Tadano’s relationship slowly. Although the slow pace does mean audiences will have to put up with the reoccurring gag of Komi and Tadano being oblivious to the other’s feelings. Which is usually funny in some situations. For example, iEpisode 12 the romantic feelings building up between Komi and Tadano is becoming more obvious, even if they are oblivious to it themselves. So much so that other characters have started to notice and support them especially in this episode. There is a moment where Tadano casually calls Komi pretty which results in her blushing profusely. While Tadano is slightly confused, Onemine teases him for being so observant but still so obvious at the same time. 

I really admire Aoi Koga’s work as Komi not only in this episode for throughout this entire season. I can only imagine how challenging it might be to voice a character who doesn’t say much. Whether it is the small squeaks, nervous huffs, and or gasps that perfectly match Komi’s reactions. Or delivering the rare full sentences Komi speaks in a nervous stutter with a racing heart. Aoi Koga does an amazing job capturing Komi as a character through and trough.

Lastly, I urge audiences stay tuned through the credits for the announcement and heartfelt tribute at the end of this episode. By now the you may or may not have heard the news that Komi Can’t Communicate is getting a second season. So it was nice  a nice tough to have characters give the announce meant directly. However, what really got me in my feelings in the very last few seconds of the episode was the special message prior to the announcement. The message read: “This is dedicated to everyone who ever felt their chest tighten when trying to communicate”.

I feel that newcomers and long-time fans of Komi Can’t Communicate can take something away from that message. It’s a reminder that this show is for and about people that struggle to communicate. Perhaps there are some people may have experienced the same or similar anxieties or challenges with communicating like Komi. Or there are people that can relate to the chest tightening feeling when it comes to communicating occasionally. Either way I felt the message was a beautiful and a perfect way tell fans they aren’t alone while concluding the first season.

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 doesn’t stand out too much as a season finale story-wise but does some great set up for the next season when it comes to romance. But it does shake things up with opening and ending themes in a cool and entertaining way. The post credit scenes set up for a delivers a heartfelt message to fans I know I am very excited to see what is to come for Komi and her friends next season for KAlong with delivering a heartfelt message to fans that may have felt a deeper connection to the series.


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