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Darling Collected Edition

Go down the rabbit hole. Last year, playwrights Michael Fleizach and Todd Hunt launched their hit underground series Darling, which sent comic readers to a haunting and harrowing glimpse of New York in the ’80s, created using personal journals from Fleizach’s late brother. Vividly captured by artist Dave Mims, now fans can partake all in one sitting with the Darling Collected Edition.

Find the girl. Save your life. It’s going to be a long night… With all of New York City searching for an 8-year old girl, down-and-out drug addict Francis Darling accidentally stumbles onto the machinations behind her kidnapping, and the drug war ensues. Can he stay straight long enough to find her? Follow Francis into every bad neighborhood your mother warned you about. Veins full of dope. Will like bulletproof glass. And a haunted revolver named Delilah.

“I lost my brother to drugs but found him here,” said Michael Fleizach. “And to my surprise, I found all of you here, too. That doesn’t fix a broken heart, necessarily —but it comes damn near close. Clumsily gluing and taping shattered pieces – some with very pointy edges, I might add – until they bear some semblance to the very thing I thought I’d lost forever. You all helped me do that, and we did it together. Thank you to all of our readers. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We have more exciting stuff just ’round the corner.”

“I never thought that anything would beat the countless hours Mike and I spent creating the world of Darling, but sharing the world with all of our new fans has been the most thrilling part of my journey as a comics creator,” said Todd Hunt. “The fact that Mike and I have created a world which allows strangers to share the stories that live in the places of their mind they are afraid to normally visit…is genuinely humbling.”

This collection oozes creativity that masterfully illustrates the drug-addled, guilty conscience of Francis Darling’s failing brain. Darling Collected Edition is now available from Source Point Press at select comic shops and bookstores. Buy now with our ComiXology affiliate link.

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