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Gaming Gift Guide

It’s the holiday season which means it’s also the gift-buying season for your family, your friends, or you know, yourself. So I’m rounding up some of my favorite recent products that will up anyone’s office game or gaming set-up. From something to sit in, stuff to carry your valuables, or stuff to use while you play, I got you covered. Keep reading to check you this gaming gift guide that has products from across the price spectrum that, well, I’m just in love with. Don’t worry, they’re great gifts for others too! All of the items on the Gaming Gift Guide are items that I own or have tested in 2021.

Astro ID Collection 2

ASTRO ID Collection 2

ASTRO.ID headsets are on the pricier end of the price spectrum but if your favorite color is one that rarely gets love in the gaming landscape of black and red, then they’re well worth the investment. If you don’t know, the ASTRO.ID Collection is a customizable ASTRO A40 TR headset. While this does still have a cord, the quality and custom style make it well worth the jump.

Victrix Gambit Controller

The Victrix Gambit controller is probably the biggest gaming gear surprise for me. While you do need a cord for this one, the light weight and compact design makes it perfect for people with smaller hands or joint problems while the highly customizable deisgn from the triggers and added back paddles also offer up great custom mapping to make games easier for those looking to move faster or for a more accessible way to play. Plus, you can switch out the white face plate for a bright Victrix purple one too.

Astro x Timbuk 2 Over the Shoulder Bag

Conventions are coming back and this collaboration from ASTRO and Timbuk2 brings some of the best of gaming together with the best of bags. With both a big travel bag, the BP35 and an over the shoulder bag, CS03 (that has just become my daily purse) there are two options to choose from that can adapt to what you need. With a simple design, the bags’ durability and and storage options are what makes them stand out.

For the smaller CS03, the division of storage in it is perfect to carry a Switch and games with ease and the amount of padding in the bag means you can use it without fear of damaging the system. The bag can also be work across the shoulder or as a fanny pack which, well, is just comfy to say the least.

On the large front, the BP35 is a monster of a traveling bag. To put it in perspective I fit a pair of shoes, two athletic outfits, a hoodie, over the ear headphones, and my 16″ laptop. One of the things that helps the most with this bag, especially when using it to travel to conventions is that the gear pockets are designed to hold ASTRO gear, and you can also use them to hold other brands of course too.

Xbox Deign Lab Custom Controller

Gaming Gift Guide

Just like the ASTRO.ID headset, paying extra for color customization is honestly the way to go – especially for someone like me who loves pink. But it’s not just color you can customize through the Xbox Design Lab, nope, you can also customize the triggers, the grips, the d-pad, and the sticks.

Logitech G560

Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers

I’ve written about the Logitech G560s before and they’re still one of the best investments you can make when it comes to both great sound quality and aethetic. With the light sync tecnology, you can set color profiles for different games, sync the colors to a movie or game on your computer screen, or just set up a calming pink hue that breathes in and out like I have. Additionally, at just 3 speakers and multiple sound profiles that allow for a pretty comparable “suround sound” mode you can also save a lot of space.

Victrix Gambit Headset

Gaming Gift Guide

The Victrix Gaming headset is available for both Xbox (Officially licensed by Xbox for Xbox One, One X, Series X, Series S, PC) and Playstation (Officially licensed by PlayStation for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), PC). Completely wireless, the headset manages to find the perfect balance between being small enough (read: light enough) and having enough space in the over the ear area to accommodate ears comfortably. While they might give a fuly custom experience, the Victirx Gambit headset is probably my favorite when it comes to console play and the ability to move from console to PC is great. I must note though, the headset has to be specific to the console you want to use it on in order to work.

DXRacer Air

DXRacer Air - But Why Tho

DXRacer’s Air series chairs are well worth the investment when it comes to breathable and supportive designs. While there are some drawbacks that all come down to preference (do you like the way mesh feels? are you over 5’4″?), the chair itself is not only comfortable, but its sturdy too. With a very heavy base that keeps you rooted when you lean your seat back, the chair offers up a look that bridges the typical gaming racer chair style and a traditional office chair. With that also comes a supportive design that doesn’t rely on pillows that move around after a day of sitting. With great lumbar support, this is a chair to look at if you’re looking for a Herman Miller feel at a third of the budget.

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset

Gaming Gift Guide

The most affordable headset on the list, the G435 is the best bang for your buck and like the other headsets before it, the G435 also offers amazing comfort even if you have a more petite frame. Additionally, if you’re looking for bright colors but don’t want to splurge on the custom ASTRO.ID line, this is a great alternative that doesn’t sacrifice quality – oh, and they’re wireless!

SecretLab Titan Evo 2022 – Softweave

Gaming Gift Guide

I didn’t realize how much I wanted a fabric chair until I got the Titan 2022 series chair from SecretLab. First, the styles of the Secret Lab Titan series offers a lot of colors and designs to rep your video game fandom as well. But the best part of the Titan series is that the seat itself is wide enough to comfortable sit with your legs up and/or if you need a wider base. It’s also extremely durable in a way that leather doesn’t stand up to household usage like pets.

Whether you’re looking for something new for your space or a new accessory, make sure you treat yourself as much as shopping this Gaming Gift Guide for the gamers in your life.

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