Open World RPG Sands of Salzaar Launches on Steam

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Sands of Salzaar

Today, XD and Han-Squirrel Studio have officially released Sands of Salzaar, the open-world indie RPG featuring large- and small-scale real-time strategy action, on Steam. This international hit with “Very Positive” (~87%) ratings since it debuted on Steam Early Access last year is available for $14.99, with a special 40% launch discount for two weeks.

Sands of Salzaar lets you lead mighty armies into epic battles while rising over a fantasy world of sprawling dunes to create your own legend, from lonesome hero to ruthless warlord. The Old Empire has fallen, leaving rival tribes to compete for control of a vast desert kingdom in an engaging story brought to life with unique hand-drawn visuals.

Customize your hero as a warrior, sorcerer, beastmaster, and more, then dive into the narrative-driven open-world of Story mode and the new free-to-explore Sandbox mode. Meet a variety of characters, trade across borders, unlock unique talents and establish your own city and force… Every playthrough offers new challenges and experiences that reflect the decisions you make.

Sands of Salzaar’s gameplay blends grand battles and strategy across massive sieges, dungeon combat, and small-scale battles. Recruit and train your forces with new features like hero-exclusive command skills and a fresh system to upgrade units, then prepare to take down a wide range of AI troops and bosses to acquire new land, resources, and even capture legendary beasts.

In addition to declaring war, players can choose to make peace and team up with rival factions utilizing diplomacy tactics. Sands of Salzaar’s 1.0 launch adds AI rebellions, tribal titles, and a new Favor system between NPCs, making social relations across the land as well as within your own faction more diverse and dynamic. 1.0 also delivers reworkings of character skills and arms units across the board, an all-new UI experience, bonus side quests, mod support, and a wide variety of other improvements.



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