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Daredevil #36 - But Why Tho

Daredevil #36 is published by Marvel Comics. Written by Chip Zdarsky. The penciller is Manuel Garcia, while three inkers consist of Scott Hanna, Victor Nova, and Cam Smith. The colours are by Marcio Menyz and Bryan Valenza. The letterer is Clayton Cowles. Daredevil has been in prison. Punishing himself for a deadly mistake, he was also hired by the FBI to investigate wrongful deaths inside the prison. Ambushed, set up, and hurt, he discovered and exposed a laboratory underneath the jail, blowing it up. In his stead, Elektra became the guardian of Hell’s Kitchen.

In this issue, Daredevil is enjoying his newfound freedom. He begins trying to rebuild his life, involving conversations with Elektra and Foggy Nelson. There are now two Daredevils in Hell’s Kitchen. His brother, Mike, is posing as his civilian identity, granting him an amount of anonymity. And elsewhere in the city, his nemesis is about to have one of the happiest days of his life, as Wilson Fisk and Typhoid Mary are getting married.

Much of Daredevil #36 feels like a refresh. With the lengthy, heavy, and brilliant storyline of Matt’s incarceration finished, he is now home and free to be integrated with the other plotlines within Hell’s Kitchen. Some of these factors have gone under the radar by both Murdock and the readers. Butch, Izzy Libris, and Mike Murdock have all been players moving around the board without much intervention. But Kingpin has noticed now, and so has Daredevil. There is also a different emotion in this issue that is rare within Daredevil comics. As the wedding comes, the book becomes peaceful and hopeful.

Zdarsky’s writing of these characters continues to be just as brilliant as when he first began his run. The understanding of who they are and the exploration of who they can be is deep. The Matt seen within this issue is very different from the one that went into prison. There was a lot of rage before he was incarcerated. But he was also despondent and ready to give up. Now he is free and feels it. It shall also be very interesting to see where Elektra goes after this arc. Whether she sticks around in New York or if she goes after the Hand again remains to be seen. What is certain is she needs to remain an important part of the comic.

The art is very good. Garcia and the inkers join the series with a fantastic entry. The three different artists working on the inks create a fascinating variety of lines and shadows. The shading and shades have weight and depth to them, and the detail on the pages is extraordinary. In the city, the lines appear to be thinner and more precise to fit everything in. But in the country, as Daredevil and Elektra get away from the noise, there are more shadows and thicker lines. There are some very picturesque, large panels that are presented beautifully. One of the more notable design choices is the large beard Murdock now sports. For much of Daredevil #36, Matt is rarely out of the mask, and the facial hair actually fits brilliantly. 

The colours are stunning. When Daredevil leaves the prison, there is light and sunshine, but not overly bright. When Elektra and Matt take their trip, there is this exploration of colour. In fact, the scenes with Kingpin and Mary are bright and positive. But at night, the gloom returns.

Daredevil #36 is a beautiful bridge of an issue. This is still technically part of the “Lockdown” arc, but it serves as an epilogue and a prologue for the next. It is more joyous than what we are used to with this character and his world, with this chapter not feeling quite so heavy. There are still dark moments, playing as a terrifying juxtaposition to the love we see opposite, but Matt Murdock is free. For an issue, Zdarsky allows that to be a source of happiness.

Daredevil #36 is available where comics are sold. 

Daredevil #36


Daredevil #36 is a beautiful bridge of an issue. It is more joyous than what we are used to with this character and his world, with this chapter not feeling quite so heavy.

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