REVIEW: ‘takt op. Destiny,’ Episode 4 – “Let the Performance Begin -Showtime-“

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takt op Destiny Episode 4 - But Why Tho

If you thought takt op Destiny Episode 4 would conclude the flashback and go back to the present, you would be incorrect. Vegas, anyone? Takt and Destiny need to learn to fight together, and Lenny and Titan are going to tag along for the first portion of their road trip to teach them. The anime is an original production from MAPPA and MADHOUSE, as part of a larger mixed media project produced by Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA. The story follows Takt, Anne and her little sister Cosette as they journey across a futuristic North America battling otherworldly creatures with the power of music.

With training being a hit or miss for clashing teammates, takt op Destiny Episode 4 finds the group taking a rest in Las Vegas. Although it doesn’t look like the Vegas we know. Thanks to the D2 attacks, it is now a farming town, trying to rebuild its agriculture and become a safe haven for many. Lenny and Titan encounter old friend Jonathan who shows them around town, although it is clear that there is more at play behind the scenes than just a quaint farming village.

takt op Destiny Episode 4 also dives a bit more into the characters’ personal philosophies. As of now, Lenny and Titan are viewers’ only glimpse into Symphonica. So, when Takt calls Lenny out for not telling the townsfolk (including his friends) that the D2 threat is still real, we can see more of the policies surrounding this world. Lenny firmly believes that fear would make things worse, especially since regular citizens cannot fight the D2s. The show’s central theme of music is on full display here, as Lenny and Takt philosophize about the meaning of music to them. How the healing nature of it literally is used to fight back the D2s and restore hope to people. A high point in the episode is definitely when Takt calls the Symphonica out on its own hypocrisy: they want to protect music, but it is taboo because of the D2 threat. It makes Takt’s role in the greater scheme of things that much more interesting, as he is a Conductor, but doesn’t work for or share the exact same views as the Symphonica.

While the plot itself is pretty average this episode, as always the action animation is gorgeous to look at. A bit of suspension of disbelief is required for just how quickly Takt and Destiny click as a team when necessary. There is desperation beneath the fluid beauty in their fighting style, which nicely contrasts the efficient, quick movements of Lenny and Titan. Additionally, a surprisingly serious side lies beneath Titan’s bubbly exterior. Unfortunately, there isn’t much time spent with her character, depriving her of depth. It’s a little frustrating, because the uneasy element of girls being awakening as Musicarts seems to strip them of autonomy, and it would be nice to see the show put just as much focus on their characters instead of just their Conductors.

takt op. Destiny Episode 4 is consistently good, although nothing as spectacular as previous outings. The gorgeous animation distracts from a more basic plot this week.

takt op. Destiny is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

takt op. Destiny Episode 4 — "Let the Performance Begin -Showtime-"
  • 7.5/10
    Rating - 7.5/10


takt op. Destiny Episode 4 is consistently good, although nothing as spectacular as previous outings. The gorgeous animation distracts from a more basic plot this week.

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