Cell to Singularity Community Smashes In Game Event! Blasts Off Into The Beyond

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Cell to Singularity

Today, award-winning evolution sim, Cell to Singularity, is set to celebrate leaving Early Access alongside the surprise release of its new expansion: the ‘Beyond,’ launching on Steam, iOS, and Android. With an in-game target of 500 million clicks, the community has already smashed halfway past that barrier with a new potential launch window of November 3rd or November 4th based on current in-game data.

Since 2018, the beloved free-to-play clicker and idle favorite has exploded in popularity, receiving two significant expansions during that time (‘The Mammal Kingdom’ and ‘Mesozoic Valley’).

Cell to Singularity is an interactive evolution simulator that takes players from the very dawn of time to the age of the dinosaurs, all the way to a post-future civilization. To evolve and progress, players will need to tap or click on the screen to gain several different currencies, such as Entropy or Fossils, which can lead to evolutionary milestones.

On November 1st, a black hole anomaly will appear for players worldwide as an in-game event. Everyone will need to band together and collectively tap on the black hole to officially reveal the Beyond, releasing between November 4th-9th!

In the expansion, players are tasked with exploring a working simulation of the known solar system to preserve life on Earth. By tapping or clicking, you can collect Stardust- a currency used to unlock all planets in the solar system. Each planet’s orbit around the Sun will generate more Stardust, sparking growth as you learn more about our universe and the complexities of venturing far away from home.

An exciting new feature in this expansion is Astronomy Missions. Research celestial bodies or discover ways to obtain elusive Dark Matter; these missions will help you on your boundless, stellar travels.

Players can come across rare Constellation Fragments that can be combined to form famous constellations. Once a constellation is completed, it provides a distinctive boost or upgrades to your galactic simulation!

While familiar planets make a welcome appearance, recent space discoveries, including the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, are also revealed.

As Cell to Singularity heads out of Steam Early Access, its new expansion ensures that the curiosities of space, diverse planets, and beyond are all just a click away.

Players can play Cell to Singularity right now for free on Steam, iOS, and Android, and when the expansion, ‘Beyond,’ launches around November 3rd-4th depending on players reaching a milestone during the black-hole in-game event. Tap into the epic story of evolution, technology, and space. Are you ready for lift-off?

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