Nautical Roguelite RPG Maritime Calling Sets Sail into Steam Early Access Today

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Maritime Calling

All hands on deck! Developer Tiamat Games is pleased to announce that its seafaring roguelite role-playing game, Maritime Calling, is now available on Windows PC via Steam Early Access. Whether you’re a fan of exploration, management sims, or just a lover of the sea, Maritime Calling is sure to surprise and delight even the most grizzled of sailors.

Maritime Calling is set during the Age of Sail, a perilous time for would-be explorers attempting to make names for themselves on the high seas. The game inspires a sense of adventure akin to Master and Commander by putting players in command of a pre-colonial sailing ship with a crew eager to see what’s beyond the horizon. Featuring all of the spontaneous fun roguelikes are known for, combined with an in-depth crew management system inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light, Maritime Calling enables players to explore at their own pace while battling threats on the open sea.

“We’re thrilled to launch Maritime Calling into Early Access and get the opportunity to share it with gamers around the world,” said Nikita Veselov, Game Director on Maritime Calling. “This is a major milestone for our team, and we look forward to continuing to expand the scope of Maritime Calling.”

In Maritime Calling, each voyage begins with players setting out to claim resource-rich islands for the United Cities and the crown. Captains must utilize special skills to ensure the ship is properly maintained at all times — even if that means ordering crew members to take on dangerous and decidedly un-glamorous tasks. Everyone aboard relies on the captain to steer the ship clear of environmental hazards while simultaneously preparing for unexpected attacks from rival nations. While life on the high seas can sometimes lead to a watery end, procedurally generated maps mean no two excursions are the same, keeping the experience fresh as the brisk sea air. Mastery of the helm and a strong resolve, however, will lead to newly-discovered islands with specialized quests and rewards like forgotten treasures!

Key Features of Maritime Calling:
Take the Helm, Captain: Steering a ship back in the day was a smidge more involved than it is compared to motorboats of today. It’s the player’s job to prep the sails, measure for wind direction, and steer clear of any rocky crags sticking out of the water — there’s a lot of authenticities to ship control here.

It’s a Sailor’s Life For Me: Set day-to-day shifts for the crew, order them to plug any leaky holes in the hull, resolve quarrels among them, and make sure everyone gets their fair share of provisions (and booty!). Life at sea can be exhausting, so managing the crew’s mood is essential to survival. Don’t feel bad about bossing everyone around, either — it’s the captain’s job after all!

Master Commander: Play the role of an effective captain with their own background and skill tree. As your captain gains experience as gameplay progresses, they gain levels to unlock specializations that come with special bonuses! Assign the right sailors to their most well-suited jobs, and they too will gain experience to unlock specializations.

The World is An Oyster, so Pry it Open: Undiscovered countries are just waiting for players to explore them and uncover their riches!

An Ever-Changing World: The map shifts with each playthrough thanks to a procedural map and a terrain creation engine. There could be a beautiful coral reef in a region on one playthrough and the next, a violent tropical storm!

Maritime Calling is now available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access for USD 14.99.

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