INTERVIEW: D&D Logic with Viva La Dirt League’s Adam King and Robert Hartley

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viva la dirt league D&D Logic

New Zealand-based comedy trio Viva La Dirt League has been making people laugh for a decade now with thoughtfully hilarious takes on gaming. Their series Epic NPC Man, Game Logic, PUBG Logic, and more have been able to connect with gamers and non-gamers alike. Now, the comedy group has a new live-action D&D-focused series set for 10 episodes. I got the chance to sit down with Adam King and Robert Hartley about scripting the series, their hopes with it, and even get their recommendations for playing your first D&D game.

A live-action series, Dungeons and Dragons Logic (D&D Logic), is based on the hit tabletop roleplaying game and brings together the company’s largest main cast to date. The show stars Hartley, King, Phoenix Cross, Byron Coll, Emmet Skilton, Britt Scott Clark, Rowan Bettjeman, Tameka Sowman Vahatau, and Ben Van Lier playing the adventuring party with Alan Morrison as the Dungeon Master. D&D Logic dives deep into the weird, wacky, and strange game logic of Dungeons and Dragons through the players’ eyes. Hartley and King break down the importance of keeping the humor from the player’s perspective while also managing to bring in the omnipotent Dungeon Master in different ways.

Additionally, the series works to break down the wall between gamers who play video games and those who play tabletops, opening up D&D to those who may think that the role-playing game is too “deep nerd.” As Hartley and King explained, the video games we love are based on D&D and we’re all more in touch with it than we think. Because even if you’re not a fan of D&D yet, the core of Viva La Dirt League’s content is about the experience and community, like King said in the interview: “It’s about the feeling you get when you play the game…and that’s what people connect with.”

Looking to check out Viva La Dirt League’s D&D Logic? Head over to their YouTube or watch episode 1 below:



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