Two New Raids Come to Swords of Legends Online

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Swords of Legends Online

Today, publisher Gameforge and developers Wangyuan Shentang & Aurogon were excited to announce two new raids to hit the dazzling AAA massively multiplayer role-playing game Swords of Legends Online. Following the launch of the first massive raid in July — the Xuanjiu Jade Palace, as well as two short raids earlier this month — players are now invited to two new challenging adventures to face fierce new bosses and put their skills to the test and reap fantastic rewards!

Players must confront the Plaguebringer, a sinister shadow seeking to resurrect its fallen masters, armed with a weapon gifted by the Plague Goddess, as well as the Jadewater Spirit, with its subzero attacks that will put even the most seasoned players to the test. These and much more are coming to Swords of Legends Online this week! But that’s not all — next month, the developers and Gameforge are preparing to bring even more fresh challenges to the game. There are rumors of an updated roadmap based on the community’s calls for even more challenging content for the thousands of players who have already reached the maximum level on their adventures.

Ruins of Nuowu

According to the legends, the Nuowu were granted two unholy treasures by the Plague Goddess. One of these was a scythe, blacker than the darkest night. Over the passage of time, the Nuowu disappeared, but the Plague Goddess’ weapon remained in the world, longing to one day reawaken its fallen masters.

The weapon’s tumultuous history is long and steeped in mystery, but it is known to have been shattered into five pieces, and those pieces scattered throughout the world in the hopes of destroying the darkness held within. But the valiant effort was in vain; for a while, the darkness that dwells within the weapon may be suppressed, but it can never be contained forever.

Recently, this pestilential gift of the gods has reappeared once again in the Ruins of Nuowu, accompanied by a mysterious shadow. But what could this shadow be?

Found in the Shanghuai Grassland, successfully battle through the Ruins of Nuowu and face the mysterious new boss—the Plaguebringer. Brimming with dark qi, you must think and act fast to avoid its soul qi whirlwinds and swift sweeps of its scythe!

The Plaguebringer will use a powerful ability to split the battlefield into two halves, forcing groups to alternate between them while keeping track of the boss, as they must get different stacks of buffs from each half. Stay too long on one side, and your doom is sealed!

Ice World

Journey through the Baxian Plateau to find the entrance to this icy new raid. If the chill of the Ice World is already giving you cold feet, then every ounce of courage will freeze by the time you reach the new boss! But the cold won’t be a problem for long — the ice-shattering Jadewater Spirit will give you such a roasting that you’ll soon forget the frigid wastes around you.

Secure victory, and you stand to earn valuable rewards. But the boss won’t make it easy. With plenty of AoEs, ranged attacks, and shared damage, the Jadewater Spirit will test your party and its ability to coordinate through the different stages of the battle. Your movement and positioning will be tested as you jump of waves, dodge orbs, and interrupt enemies before they can release waves of ice.

One mechanism will put your coordination to a serious test. After standing in a specific location, you will be linked to another team member. From that moment on, depending on the trial, you must maintain a close distance between yourselves; otherwise, you will be slowed or share the damage either of you receives. If you break your bond entirely, then both of you die instantly.

Any attack you receive in this encounter increases your amount of cold qi. If this counter fills up entirely, you’ll be turned into a block of ice, unable to perform any more actions until another player frees you by attacking the statue.

Both raids start at 12:00 PM (server time) following the weekly Swords of Legends Online server maintenance. They can be unlocked once a week and will be reset every Thursday at 6 AM (server time).

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