GAMESCOM 2021: Xbox Stream Round-Up

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Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream

The GAMESCOM 2021 Xbox Stream was today. Hosted by Parris Lilly and  Kate Yaeger, the stream highlighted some new announcements of DLC for some of Xbox’s first-party titles, new indies coming to Xbox’s subscription service Game Pass and more. However, decidedly absent from today’s event was any word on Halo Infinite‘s release date. With the game still slated to be released fall of this year, some speculated the official launch date would get revealed. No such luck. But that’s enough about what we didn’t get. Let’s talk about what we did get.

First up on the stream was a look at the upcoming Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Releasing December 7th, the gameplay trailer shown off during the stream highlighted the fractured social structure of the city the game takes place in, as well as some of the game’s impressive parkour terrain traversal mechanics. Also on display was an eye-catching look at the first-person-view melee combat of the game. A bevy of maneuvers was shown off during the trailer’s combat portion, each looked unique and promised to add a lot of variety to the game’s action.

Next up on the GAMESCOM 2021 Xbox Stream was a look at what is upcoming for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the game’s next monthly release touching down on September 7th, pilots can look forward to updated area maps for numerous regions of Central Europe. The game will also be receiving a new feature called Local legends with this next update. Local legends will take deep dives into aspects of aviation that are renowned in their home regions, but may not be as well known the world over. Finally, announced for this fall, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be getting its first competitive racing mode when the Reno Air Race comes to the game.

Following that, viewers were treated to a barrage of upcoming indie titles slated for Xbox’s Game Pass. The ten indie titles showcased were: Archvale, Next Space Rebels, Midnight Fight Express, Dodgeball Academia, Bushiden, Flynn Son of Crimson, Unpacking, Signalis, Chinatown Detective Agency, and Unsighted.

Next up on the GAMESCOM 2021 Xbox Stream fans of Age of Empires were treated to a new feature for the upcoming Age of Empires IV. The game will include a series of three to five-minute documentaries that take deep dives into various aspects of the medieval world. An example of these videos was shown off, with viewers getting to check out one that looks at the trebuchet.  Age of Empires IV is slated for an October 28th release.

Game Pass got another hype moment with the announcement that Xbox’s cloud gaming service will be coming to the console version of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this holiday season. Already available on Windows PC, mobile, and tablets, cloud gaming allows gamers to play games without downloading the game to their console. What’s more, it will even allow gamers running the cloud gaming service one their Xbox Ones to play Xbox Series S/X games from the cloud.

Following in the footsteps of last June’s release of the DLC expansion The Battle for SteeltownWasteland 3 will be receiving its latest expansion titled Cult of the Holy Detonation on October 5th. The expansion sees the Rangers caught up in a religious war for control of Shayne Mountain. The expansion promises a more dungeon crawler-like experience as players have to fight off religious zealots who have been mutated radically and confront what the developers are calling Super Rad Boss Battles. These battles were toated as being more objective-based than the game’s previous kill everything in your way style of missions. Also announced was the upcoming Colorado Collection that would bundle the core Wasteland 3 game along with the DLCs for 60 bucks. Or, players with Game Pass can procure a DLC pass for 20.

The GAMESCOM 2021 Xbox Stream then took a brief moment to announce a limited-time event for Sea of Thieves. Between now and September 7th, players can participate in special missions to earn a limited-time Myahem Ship set inspired by the popular Borderlands series.

The next update for State of Decay 2 was announced next. Titled Homecoming, this update lets players return to Trumble Valley where loads of new items and other surprises will await them. The update will be going live on September 1st.

Next up on the GAMESCOM 2021 Xbox Stream was a look at the upcoming third-person view action RPG game Stray Blade. From developers Point Blank Games and publishers 505 Games, players are tasked with trying to bring peace to a war-torn mystical valley. Numerous weapons to master and lots to explore in a world that continues to change as the player plays the game promised lots for gamers to do when the game arrives next year.

Another announcement for Game Pass subscribers was next. The wildly popular Crusader Kings III will not only be coming to new-gen consoles, but it will also be coming day and date to Game Pass.

To build just a bit more hype for tomorrow’s launch, GAMESCOM 2021 Xbox Stream featured a new launch trailer for Psychonauts 2 along with a remote discussion with some of the devs about the highly anticipated sequel to the original cult classic.

Wrapping up the stream was eight minutes of gameplay of the upcoming Forza Horizon 5, which will see players racing across the gorgeous landscapes of Mexico. Lush jungles, gorgeous sand dunes, and even driving through a dust storm were all showcased during the stream. The game looks absolutely phenomenal. I’ve never been much of a racing car gamer, but I might have to kick the tires on this one when it drops on November 9th. Also, a new custom-designed Forza Horizon 5 controller was shown off. Pre-orders are live now, and the vibrant color splatter look of this controller definitely captures the energy and fun the game is looking to bring.

And now you are all caught up on what went down at the GAMESCOM 2021 Xbox Stream. I hope this has been helpful and that something from the stream has you feeling hyped!

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