Glitchpunk Arrives On Steam Early Access on Aug 11

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Are you ready to be welcomed to the dystopian future? Do you have what it takes to handle the unbridled chaos of a world unhinged? Today, developer Dark Lord, alongside publisher Daedalic Entertainment, announced Glitchpunk, a cyberpunk-themed game with an old-school GTA 2 feel, will go into Steam Early Access on Aug. 11th, 2021.

A top-down action game where you shoot, brawl, drive, steal and sneak yourself through a neon-soaked world full of gangs and cults, forging cooperations along the way, Glitchpunk isn’t just about blowing things up – it also tells a compelling story of transhumanism, xenophobia, and religion. You can influence the world around you, make new friends, face off against more enemies than you can count – and perhaps, just perhaps, convert an enemy’s aversion to affection.

Glitchpunk’s Early Access will launch with two cities — Outpost Texas and New Baltia — with two more cities — Neo Tokyo and Moscow — to be added during the Early Access journey. Each city has its own gangs and characters while also continuing the protagonist’s gripping story. Keep an eye out for more information on Glitchpunk’s Early Access updates, as a detailed road map will be on the way soon after the game’s launch.

In Glitchpunk, you play as a glitching android going against your own programming and challenging the tyrannical governments and megacorps of the dystopian near-future. Forge your own path in several cities full of drug-crazed gangs, aggressive police, and irresponsible drivers that make each mission and playthrough unpredictable. Steal cars and lead your enemies on a merry chase, fight them with a variety of melee and long-range weapons, and upgrade your own body with technology that enables you to manipulate your surroundings or improve your capabilities.

Key features:

Brutal top-down action with a massive arsenal of weapons to choose from

A hacking system allowing players to control the minds of pedestrians and affect various devices.

Many different ways of locomotion, including trains, tanks, motorbikes, buses, trucks, and obviously tons of cars

Frantic police chases and up to 10 escalations of mayhem-inducing wanted levels

12 gangs with their own stories, quests, and culture

Four different cities, from the desert, remains of the USA to cyberpunk Soviet Russia in a post-nuclear winter (two cities at Early Access launch and two more to come!)

Mature story with several endings

Rare art style mix of 2D sprites in a 3D environment

In-game radio with music by artists from all over the world, together with news stations and absurd commercials


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