Carolyn Talks ‘For Your Consideration’ with Writer and Director Poppy Gordon

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For Your Consideration - But Why Tho

For a short film, For Your Consideration tackles many topics that have long been part of the regular discourse for people in marginalized community, but thanks to social media, become “trending topics” to those no part of those communities. To these people, things like racism, accessibility, women’s right and the prison industrial complex are just things they can chat about at brunch.

Written and directed by Poppy Gordon, the film with its dark humor, contrasted by bright colors and sunny L.A setting, stars Juliette Goglia, Samantha Robinson, Ava Capri, and Tess Trotter as  a small group of privileged socialites display display a stunning lack of self-awareness when they randomly decide to make  make a film they’re sure will be worthy of an Oscar. Only interested in getting recognition by the elites, they pick apart and cast aside what trending social justice cause is worth their time and attention. Their inability to detect their own racism and prejudices acts as a peak into how people in Hollywood are fine with exploiting the pain of others for name recognition, and the part nepotism plays in it.

In our discussion for Carolyn Talks…, Poppy and I talk about the perceptions and misconceptions people have of the disenfranchised, and how social media plays a part in the discourse around advocacy, activism and the ways companies and people with power manipulate them to their advantage.

The film has screened at multiple Oscar-Qualifying film festivals including Hollyshorts, Cinequest, Odense International FF, and was an award finalist at the LA Short festival.

Director Poppy Gordon is NYC based and excels at visually driven narratives that combine bold cinematic style with pop influenced VFX. Poppy has directed work for brands such as NIKE, WAV, PayPal, Pond’s, TRESemmé, and many more. She is commercially represented by Hey Baby and also leads her own creative studio Feral. For Your Consideration was co-written by Poppy’s longtime collaborator Aldo Arias who is a New York City writer by way of Texas.

For Your Consideration is now available in wide release on Omeleto and Vimeo.

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