Massively Affected: Personal Fiction ft. Stephanie Bruneau

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Massively Affected: Stephanie Bruneau

Welcome to Massively Affected, where I, Josh Silverman, bring on a guest and ask them the not-so-simple question: Why Mass Effect?

This week I’m joined by Stephanie Bruneau, a talented artist and streamer, and also the voice of Iris in Arcade Spirits. On this week’s episode, I talked to Stephanie about her experience diving into the Mass Effect series, and what it was like being an “early” fan to the series. We talked about filling in the gaps in the story through fan fiction, and her own experiences writing a slow burn romance for everyone’s favorite Turian, Garrus Vakarian—and this was BEFORE Mass Effect 2 made him a canonical love interest! Through personal legacies and our growing histories, we explored much of the galaxy this week and the characters that form the backbone of it.

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Make sure you come back next week as I’ll be chatting with my Bear Punch Media co-founder, Justin Stanley.  If this is your first episode, make sure to check out the full backlog of episodes found on But Why Tho.

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As always, my thanks to Adam Leonhardt for his brilliant work making the Massively Affected logo, Julian Villarreal for his beautifully composed theme song for the show, and Mark B. Donica for helping me out by editing the back two-thirds of this season!

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