REVIEW: ‘Fruits Basket: The Final Season,’ Episode 13 – “See You Again Soon”

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Fruits Basket Episode 13

Fruits Basket Episode 13 released on June 28th, 2021, streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll to their premium subscribers.  This is the last episode of the entire series, and it doesn’t even feel real. So many things have happened to some of my favorite characters in anime history during this knockout final season, and parting ways with them is sad, and yet, the series send-off is full of happiness.

This episode starts with Tohru and Kyo on one of their first dates together. They are at the zoo with their friends Utotani and Hanajima. It provides a nice backdrop for characters to describe how Tohru and Kyo’s new romantic relationship affects their group dynamics. Our ensemble cast has to learn how to live their lives without the smiling face of Tohru Honda. Fruits Basket Episode 13 does not shy away from another emotionally-driven script.

There are so many character interactions discussing how just because Kyo and Tohru are dating now doesn’t mean they will drop off the earth to their friends. It was so nice to see friends like Utotani and Hanajima express how Tohru isn’t just their best friend but also their family. Other characters express that regardless of how Tohru and Kyo end up, they love and support their friends as they can finally be happy. 

This acts as a perfect segue into the final goodbye to both Tohru and Kyo as they clean up the house they have been living in for the past couple of years. Tohru recounts the first time she ever met the Sohma clan and discovered their zodiac curse. I cannot help but feel this intense swelling behind my eyes as snippets of their journey flash in a beautiful sequence of animation where TME Entertainment pulls all the stops to show off just how beautiful Fruits Basket was when it started airing.

The concept of saying goodbye starts to take hold within the dialogue right when the nostalgia of the series starts hitting close to home.  During this segment, it’s easy to hear Laura Bailey deliver an emotional monologue as Tohru talks about her immense sadness at never living with Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure again. Kyo comforts her by saying goodbye isn’t a definitive end but rather the pathway to a new banquet, a different start.  It feels like the writers know the journey and relationship, so many audience members have to this series. For some of us, we’ve been fans since we were young teens, and for others, this has been a two-year fresh journey filled with both love and heartbreak. Hearing Jerry Jewell say, “it’s going to be okay.” one last time touches the heart in a manner only Fruits Basket can.

As many characters’ storylines start wrapped up, there is specific attention to making sure the script does not let our characters dwell on the scariness of the future. Fruits Basket indulges with its classic humor and has characters turn into their chibi forms with exaggerated facial features to showcase their emotions. It really captures the lightheartedness of Fruits Basket Episode 13.  Considering that so much of the final season dealt with exploring the darker aspects of our characters’ lives, the reassurance that through emotional strife comes to the promise of a better day is a great reminder of how much growth our characters have experienced. It was a delight to see the cast prep to send Tohru and Kyo off on their journey to living together as they both pursue their futures. Viewers can feel the end is near as each character lists off moments where they describe what they love about Tohru’s passion or Kyo’s growth as a person.

It’s bittersweet, the final five minutes. The pressure behind my eyes is too much, and I have already started crying at the care and talent TME Entertainment and the voice actors lent to make Fruits Basket Episode 13 feel perfect.  Yuki starts talking to Tohru and emphasizes how she is so important to him and other members of the Sohma clan. He describes that her existence matters because she is bright, warm, special, and kind, and I think the series finale contextualizes that. The series closes out in a way that honors Tohru in making this episode feel exactly as Yuki described, warm and kind as a flash towards the future reminds viewers that after the darkest days, the brightest are on their way.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 is now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.


Fruits Basket Episode 13
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    Rating - 10/10


The series closes out in a way that honors Tohru in making this episode feel exactly as Yuki described, warm and kind as a flash towards the future reminds viewers that after the darkest days, the brightest are on their way.

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