Massively Affected: Companion’s Journey ft. Kelsie Mhoon

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Massively Affected: Kelsie Mhoon


Welcome to Massively Affected, where I, Josh Silverman, bring on a guest and ask them the not-so-simple question: Why Mass Effect?

This week I’m joined by Kelsie Mhoon, who you may know as a Narrative and Content Designer for Jam City, and on Death Carnival. On this week’s episode, we talked about the most important part of the Mass Effect series: the companions. The journey we take with our companions defines our experience across the Milky Way and Andromeda, shaping not just who our Commander Shepard and Ryder become, but their actions across the universe. The missions may sometimes be memorable, but the moments we have had with Thane’s debut entrance, Legion saving Shepard about the Reaper vessel, or Tali’s first time seeing her homeworld are what set in stone the wonderous galaxy sandbox that we get to play in. The companions are what offer the replayability of BioWare’s classic franchises, and offer players the building blocks to create their own narratives.

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