AudioClash, The Living Tombstone’s Rock Music Autobattler, Coming Q3 2021

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AudioClash: Battle of the Bands

The Living Tombstone, the electronic rock band with over 2.6 billion streams and backed by Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide, announced AudioClash: Battle of the Bands, the free-to-play rock music competition video game taking the stage Q3 2021 on Steam Early Access for PC. Revealed moments ago during IGN Expo, AudioClash is developed by independent studio Big Boat Interactive, with consulting from gaming legend Scott Miller (Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D, Prey, Max Payne). Become the opening act by signing up for the closed beta here.

The fictional characters of The Living Tombstone are zero_one, Rust, Tesla, Armstrong, and Doc, five Tombsonas created by producer-composer Yoav Landau and songwriter-vocalist Sam Haft. From humble beginnings in 2011, creating remixes and original songs based on video games and TV shows, The Living Tombstone have amassed billions of streams and a cross-platform fanbase counted in the millions culminating in their debut LP, zero_one, released September 2020.

With AudioClash, a band famous for making music about video games creates a video game about making music in a multiplayer showdown like no other. Choose from a roster of eccentric band managers and assemble your band with rock star musicians summoned from across time, space, and alternate realities. Mash up the sonic elements of rock, metal, punk, pop, and EDM by building a song deck representing the flow of music. Then, play your hand against your opponents and bear witness to the audio clash!

Band battle over several rounds, each affected by the ability cards played in between. Boost your Vocalist’s health restoration so the lead Guitarist can dole out attack power buffs. Set up the Bassist to pull off a tide-turning Ultimate Attack and transform your drummer into a support tank with shields to spare. After just a few critical moments of decision-making, the round begins, and each band steps onto the stage to perform, taking and dealing damage as their abilities dictate.

At launch, collect and play hundreds of abilities with a bevy of tactical twists. Uncover even deeper strategies by placing stage props and positioning band members to take advantage of location-based battle effects. Finally, rock out in style with countless character customization options, from outlandish headgear and outfits to instrument upgrades, surreal band mascots, and more.

“Video games don’t just inspire us—they’re woven into the very fabric of The Living Tombstone, from the music we make to the Tombsonas we’ve created,” said Yoav. “That’s why we’re treating AudioClash: Battle of the Bands with the importance and care of any musical release. Our fans, and gamers at large, deserve an incredible launch value with hundreds of hours of free content.”

“The opportunity to work on a project with a partner like The Living Tombstone doesn’t happen every day. The creative collaboration between Sam, Yoav, and our team has brought together gameplay and music in an entirely unique way,” said Big Boat Interactive CEO Mike Arkin.

“As a drummer, I’m pumped to be working on a music-based battler,” said Miller. “The idea of musicians battling is timeless and kickass, but also a creative challenge since my games are always about shooting goons and invading aliens. I’m not sure what that says about me.”

AudioClash: Battle of the Bands rocks out on Steam Early Access for PC in Q3 2021. Get your all-access backstage pass by signing up for the closed beta and discover deeper cuts by joining The Living Tombstone on Tik Tok, Discord, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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