Episode 56: We Have to Talk About Castlevania Season 4 (2021)

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Castlevania ending

Castlevania season four has been out for a bit and this week, Kate and LaNeysha are back to review the final season of their favorite Western anime. The ladies are thrilled to discuss the series produced by one of their favorite studios, Powerhouse Animation. This episode full of tons of spoilers as the women of Did You Have To? discuss the plot of Castlevania’s final season, the oh-so-satisfying character arcs, awesome callbacks from previous seasons, and ultimately how this series raises the bar for how to end a series.

Castlevania season four is packed with so much as it wraps up one of the most phenomenal anime-inspired series to an end. While season three left fans feel sad, distraught and this season takes the audience on a journey of agency, growth, and fulfillment. Netflix’s Castlevania follows Trevor and Sypha as they head to the city where the war with Dracula began, while Alucard finds new purpose beyond his castle to once again help those weaker than himself.

However, when a new threat arrives that’s bigger than anything they’ve ever faced. Now heroes must band together to save the world and humanity once again. Meanwhile, Isaac’s mission has changed from destruction to conquest. He and his horde of night creatures head for Styria to face off against Carmilla. Overall, Castlevania season four carries a lot of emotional weight as it wraps up a phenomenal series. This season is filled with moments that make you cry, make you sigh with relief, rejoice, and more.

Castlevania is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.


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